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In Baseball, the selection of bat is as important as anything. Same with Tennis, Golf, and N number of sports. You have got to have the right equipment to make the right play. Online games are no different; many of you might disagree, but a professional Online gamer can even spell defeat even the slightest alterations. For the same reason, they carefully select every piece of equipment, Most of all Keyboard. Even the regular player understands how a lousy keyboard can ruin the whole experience. The reason why we have compiled the list of best keyboards for you is so that you can immerse in the game, in

Top 5 Must-Have Gaming Keyboard For Every Pro Gamer

5th On Best Gaming Keyboard List Is:

Logitech G910 Orion Spark 

Top 5 Must Have Gaming Keyboard For Every Pro Gamer

You can select your backlighting color with the Logitech G910 Orion Spark. You have a wide range of options. Orion Spark allows you to change the color of each key, making your keyboard glow or glow blue. The full-color keyboard is easy to use, comfortable, and stunning. The Logitech G910 Orion Spark’s unique design features include its giant keyboard compared to others.

The large armrest can make the keyboard even larger. However, both armrests are very comfortable and well worth the effort. The Orion Spark keys are significant, but they also have indentation designs. They may appear unusual at first, but they will become more familiar. The Orion Spark is a beautiful aesthetic addition that adds a new type of switch to the gameplay. The Romer-G buttons on the Orion Spark are more durable and faster than other mechanical keyboards. As a result, Orion Spark is more suitable for gaming and typing. This peripheral is exceptionally comfortable, but it’s not the best for gamers or those who need noise resistance due to its low actuation level and quiet switches.

Its pros are: 

  •  Built-in smartphone dock and media controls.
  •  It has intuitive software.
  •  It has a flawless macro-recording
  •  It is excellent for gaming purposes
  •  Swappable wrist rest.

Its cons are: 

  •  Asymmetrical keycap layout can be hard to adjust for non-gamers.
  •  Its lighting options could be more robust.

4th On Best Gaming Keyboard List is:

Corsair K55 RGB

Top 5 Must Have Gaming Keyboard For Every Pro Gamer

Corsair K55 RGB is wooing us with its unique feature called RGB lighting. This mechanical keyboard is beautiful, comfortable, responsive, and has unique characteristics. The keyboard is made of black plastic and features a soft rubber detachable hand rest, which helps to reduce stress and allows you to play for long periods. The keyboard is quite long and allows for high typing flexibility. This USB keyboard features three-zone backlighting, full customization of colors, lighting effects, and maximum flexibility while typing. In addition, Corsair K55 RGB is dust- and spill-resistant, rated up to IP42 protection against accidents.

The K55’s battery life can last up to 35 hours with standard lighting. The K55’s keys are soft and responsive for easy typing. The extra row of keys also includes six macro keys, which can be programmed to give you an advantage when gaming; these keys can also be used to record macros. You can also use these keys to control media controls such as volume, volume up, volume down, and stop. The robust Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software powers this mechanical keyboard. This software allows you to reassign keys and program macros. You can also adjust the RGB lighting and create your game profiles.

Its pros are: 

  •  Its extra keys are programmable and helpful; 
  •  It has a pretty RGB lighting
  •  Compatible with any gaming system because of its USB.
  •  Very low latency.

Its cons are: 

  •  Its keyboard has a rigid feel & Keys feel heavy to type on.

3rd On Best Gaming Keyboard List Is:

 Redragon K556

Top 5 Must Have Gaming Keyboard For Every Pro Gamer

Redragon K556 offers an excellent option for looking for a low-cost mechanical keyboard to start with mechanical keyboards. This keyboard is ideal for beginners due to its unique and sturdy design. The K556 is only 3 pounds in weight and takes up very little space on your desk. The keyboard does not have any long bars at its top or bottom, making it very easy to place other items above the keyboard.

Redragon K556 produces a satisfying, audible click every time a key button is pressed. The keyboard’s unique feature is its 87 double-shot, injection-molded rounded keys. Although the round keys may take some getting used to, you will not go back to plastic keys once you are comfortable with them. The keyboard’s unique mechanical switches can change the experience of a particular key, making it versatile. Redragon K556 guarantees 100% conflict-free, anti-ghosting keys. The mechanical keyboard features brightness, a breathing effect, and a red LED backlight that doesn’t scratch and can be adjusted. The keyboard also features RGB lighting that gives it an artistic look and helps locate specific keys at night.

Its pros are: 

  •  It has a solid build with an aluminum design
  •  Its keystrokes are responsive and satisfying
  •  Plenty of RGB lighting options
  •  It has a firm grip and doesn’t move while in operation.
  •  It supports all windows operating systems.

Its cons are: 

  •  Volume buttons have a minor issue; 
  •  Lack of dedicated macro keys
  •  Its LED does not get very bright.

2nd On Best Gaming Keyboard List Is:

SteelSeries Apex 5

Top 5 Must Have Gaming Keyboard For Every Pro Gamer

SteelSeries Apex 5 keyboard is different than other mechanical keyboards. The keyboard successfully combines a membrane design beneath the keyboard with springy mechanical buttons. Apex 5 features a 3.1 removable wrist rest that measures 17.5×5.5inches. The magnetic matte finish on the detachable wrist rest provides excellent support for your wrists, making it comfortable to use the keyboard. It’s easy to attach or remove. Apex 5’s OLED screen is another interesting design feature. It allows you to create animated icons for multiple profiles. The upper right is where you will find the black and white 128×40 screen.

You will find the second button in the upper right corner. It is a clickable volume dial that you can use to play, pause and skip tracks. It conveniently performs many functions that would otherwise require several keys. The Apex 5 features hybrid mechanical gaming switches. They have both a loud sound as well as a tactile feel. The mechanical switches have electrical membranes beneath them, so you must press the button halfway down to hear the sound. The keyboard can reprogram one key, not just a row of functions keys, which is a significant advantage over other keyboards. The Engine 3 software allows you to program macros, create profiles for different games and distinguish onboard profiles.

Its pros are: 

  •  It has a smart multimedia key
  •  It allows good in-game performance;  
  •  You can easily reprogram a single key.

Its cons are: 

  •  The use of a membrane and mechanical hybrid
  •   Doesn’t add much to the keyboard. 
  •  Its lighting is dull.

1st On Best Gaming Keyboard List Is:

The Razer Huntsman Elite

Top 5 Must Have Gaming Keyboard For Every Pro Gamer

It’s no surprise that the Razer Huntsman Elite is the top-rated mechanical keyboard. It is the first gaming keyboard to use an optical switch. Razer’s optomechanical switches are both comfortable and offer promising results. Its wrist rest is another unique feature. It shows that not all mechanical keyboards need RGB lighting. Its design is very futuristic and distinct. This makes it more attractive and striking than other Razer models. This keyboard can be used on an office desk which is rare among mechanical keyboards. The discrete media controls make Razer Huntsman Elite a premium gaming keyboard. These buttons are circular and can be used to play, pause or rewind the video, or adjust the volume. This is an alternative to the Fn-key shortcuts.

The Razer Huntsman Elite measures 18×6 inches with the wrist rest attached and 18×10 inches. The wrist rest can be synchronized with your keyboard to create a striking effect. Huntsman Elites optical switches use infrared light to make electrical contact instead of relying upon a mechanical switch. The Huntsman Elite’s unique mechanism is both fast and precise. Razer’s Synapse3 software allows you to do simple tasks like setting up profiles or reprogramming buttons.

Its pros are: 

  •  It performs exceptionally when in use
  •  Razer Huntsman Elite has a smart design 
  •  It is built with novel hybrid switches;
  •  You can choose from robust lighting options.

Its cons are: 

  •  The keyboard has inconsistent software.


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