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PC gaming is on the rise, and it is giving conventional gaming consoles a serious run for its money. A big part of this experience is equivalent to advanced gaming PC controllers. PC controllers had advanced quite a bit compared to 2-3 years back when pc controllers were not giving enough experience as the gaming consoles. A big credit of this goes to the pc games that are now quite adaptable to both keyboard and controller. And it is also feasible as it removes the requirement of owning a console and provides you with the same experience on your PC or laptop, especially in the midst of the pandemic. So, for this reason, we have brought to all gamers fraternity a 

List Of  Top 5 PC controller in 2022


No. 5 Logitech F310

Best Budget PC Controller

Top 5 Pc Controller In 2021

PC gaming is so versatile because you can still enjoy the console gaming benefits without buying one. One of the greatest advantages of console gaming controllers is their versatility. Many manufacturers have created great controllers that will enhance your gaming experience. Logitech’s f310 gamepad is a great option for those with limited budgets. The Logitech Gamepad F310 is not modern in design or aesthetics. It has a SNES-like look and a modified Dual Shock 2 Body. 

It’s not the most visually appealing, but you can expect a superior design without sacrificing functionality and quality. Although the device is quite lightweight for its price, it’s still very sturdy. The installation is very simple. It is easy to plug it in and install the drivers. The buttons on the F310 are very responsive and feel good when they’re pressed. The sticks are not as smooth and slick as premium controllers. However, the directional pad works well. It is acceptable in the input control department. Everything registers perfectly, and the buttons are quite durable.

No. 4 Xbox Core controller

Best Mid-Range PC Controller 

Top 5 Pc Controller In 2021


The Xbox wireless controller has undergone some upgrades over the years, but the most recent version is still the best. The Xbox series XRS controller offers a premium experience without the high price. The Xbox series XRS gamepad features improved tactile textures and a refined geometry for a more comfortable and accessible gaming experience. We wish that the controller could be charged without having to purchase an additional add-on. The Xbox wireless controller isn’t a significant departure from its predecessor.

The shape is similar and retains the traditional trigger and button layout. However, closer inspection will reveal subtle differences. Microsoft has made cosmetic and functional changes. The Xbox wireless controller also offers improvements in functionality. The controller was more responsive than we expected, likely due to its lower latency. Microsoft posted that the Xbox series x and s are paired with better frame rate stability. The gamepad can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to various devices, including an iPhone 11 or the Xbox One. It was easy to connect the controller wirelessly to the iPhone 11 or mac. The Xbox wireless controller is suitable for all hand sizes, especially those with smaller hands.

No. 3 Razer wolverine V2

Best-Wired PC Controller.

Top 5 Pc Controller In 2021

The dual sense controller is a great new controller for this new generation of gaming. However, the Sony controller has amazing adaptive triggers and tactile feedback. Unfortunately, Xbox owners have their old controller from 2013, which is a shame because it’s still a great device. The good news is that Xbox owners don’t have to stick with the dual sense controller like ps5 owners. Instead, they can spend on third-party controllers. One of these is the Razer Wolverine V2. Its the third best controller for pc we have found. It is almost perfect and provides a fantastic gaming experience that elevates Xbox series x and s to a whole other level. 

You could almost see the similarities if you placed the razer wolverine two next to the Xbox wireless controller. The buttons are placed in the same places, and the analog sticks remain true to the original design. The razer wolverine V2 has some subtle changes, such as a fatter grip, bulges out at the bottom of the handles, and some green accents. The wolverine V2 is still a great controller, even with the annoying cable. Because it’s so good in almost every aspect, I can live without it being tethered. 


No.2 Steam controller

Best Ease Of Use PC Controller

Top 5 Pc Controller In 2021

Steam ranks second-best controller for pc. The steam OS was released before the steam controller. It was designed to bridge the gap between console and PC gamers. The controller is designed to do all the necessary things to make it the best controller possible for each game and eliminate using a keyboard or mouse. This is a bold goal, and it’s an exciting product. It’s also innovative and refreshing. The setup is simple: place the batteries into the back slot, connect the USB Bluetooth receiver and turn on the controller. 

Two touchpads are available. One rests at the button located in traditional controllers, and one rests on the d-pad. Touchpads are similar to conventional controllers in that they have controls and a haptic engine beneath them. This gives you a slight push where your thumb is. Although the gaming experience is different from one game to another, it’s generally pleasant. It cannot replace the mouse or keyboard, as its precision and accuracy are not as good. However, it is an excellent alternative to the mouse and keyboard. Therefore, it would work well for other games than competitive shooters.

No.1 PlayStation Dual Sense 

 Best Over All PC Controller

Top 5 Pc Controller In 2021

Dual shock 4 is the most potent controller for PC. Its new design and a more comfortable shape make it an even better controller. The controller also features a next-gen swagger, featuring beautifully implemented adaptive trigger resistance and next-gen tactile feedback. The dual sense is a solid new standard in console controllers. It has been a long-term evolution as well as a tremendous innovation. The dual shock 4’s dual shock was a drastic departure from the double sense. The smooth curves and two-tone white color scheme with black accents feel like a paradigm shift. Astro is the best Sony gamepad after three generations of discrete single-color Sony gamepads. When you fire a bow, resistance in the trigger mimics the string being pulled back. Sony’s dual sense gamepad has many exciting features, plus it is more comfortable for traditional gaming and offers more comfort. You can buy a guide connector type, like other manipulators controllers, wired or wireless, unlike the keyboard/mouse.

The connection type on the gamepad is an important parameter. It’s essential to determine the distance between the computer and the gamepad if you play in front of it. It is unnecessary to search for something that does not have wire controls. Let’s now look at the question of which games the gamepad will most frequently be used. It’s best to use fighting games with models with divided crosspiece control arrows or d-pad. This construction makes it much easier to execute all types of attack algorithms than a gamepad with a solid crosspiece. The d-pad should only be used for fighting games. Rubber analog sticks are the best choice for a gamepad. They have notches that will not allow your fingers or thumbs to slide. The controller on the pc stick can be used to control movement better than the WASD keys on a keyboard. You could, for example, throttle your movement. This is difficult to do with a keyboard. However, fighting games can be challenging to navigate with a mouse or keyboard, so it is better to use a controller.

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