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Top 5 Useful Writing Tools for Students

Poor time management, procrastination, lots of distractions, lack of motivation, weak writing skills, and a plethora of other issues can prevent students from achieving the desired academic success. When it comes to completing challenging projects, it is indispensable to stay focused and inspired to submit them on time and stay competitive. 

Enter your text here...Well, there is always a chance to improve the situation and learn how to deal with the most overwhelming and stressful projects easily. If you are reading an essay writers for hire as you are running out of time to write your academic paper, it is definitely a thing that will help you succeed. However, if you want to face the challenge and find alternative ways to deal with it, check out the five most effective online writing tools to help you.

Useful Writing Tools For Students

Key Takeaways

  • Grammarly: Enhances grammar, punctuation, and formatting skills, ensuring flawless academic papers.
  • StayFocusd: Improves focus and prevents procrastination by blocking digital distractions during study sessions.
  • Evernote: Facilitates research and data organization with easy-to-navigate features and synchronization across devices.
  • BibMe: Aids in proper referencing and citing, saving time and ensuring authenticity in essays.
  • ProWritingAid: Offers comprehensive editing and proofreading tools to refine writing skills and enhance the quality of academic papers.


Are you excited about an opportunity to test your skills and expertise in the field of academic writing, but you doubt your grammar, punctuation, and formatting skills? Grammarly is the exact solution you need to consider. It is a well-known fact that a flawless scholarly paper is not about top-tier content filled with relevant facts taken from credible data sources only. Instead, it is excellence in every single detail. If this idea makes you search for the answers to the “is writing essays legit?” question again, you should give Grammarly a try first. 

Spell check, grammar analysis, sentence structure improvements, and a plethora of other beneficial options are available within the service. Moreover, the solution can offer insights into the selected writing style, which makes it outstanding and unique tool to improve the quality of the academic writing assignments. Besides, there is a dedicated app that can make the experience much more convenient and beneficial.


If you have always been convinced that the development of impeccable writing skills is the biggest problem in academic writing, you will be surprised to hear that staying concentrated on the assignment and ignoring distractions are. Chances are that even the most inspired and goal-oriented learners will get tempted to read the text from a friend, scroll the feed on social media, or discuss another project with a fellow student. These are the things that will prevent you from fast and effective essay writing. 

StayFocusd is one of the apps that can improve your focus, prevent procrastination, and help with motivation. An intuitive design, and easy to use functions will help to eliminate any digital distraction for the specified time. Activating the app, students get a complete blockage of other applications and website for a set period. No notifications, or messages. No ways to procrastinate, but only a focused time working on the assignment.


Profound research and detailed analysis of credible data sources are critical aspects of the academic writing process. How is it possible to keep and use the indispensable information on time? Is there a solution for better data organization and exchange? 

If you have ever been concerned about these questions, then Evernote may be the tool to consider using. It is not a traditional note-taking service, but a combination of the most beneficial and promising solutions that contribute to the studying process. 

Easy-to-navigate website, an opportunity to synchronize across devices, free access to the information at any time, and a plethora of other features can guarantee the desired level of productivity and flexibility. In addition to notes that can be made in Evernote, students can also incorporate sketches, images, and audio clips into their web-based notebook. 


Plagiarism is the student’s worst enemy, as it affects the relevance of the written papers. Proper referencing and citing are the aspects that can contribute to the originality of the texts. At this point, there is no way to deny that referencing is complicated for most learners, especially inexperienced ones, as they do not know how to format them right. 

BibMe is a great solution that will save you a lot of time and will keep your essays authentic and influential. This is the service that may help with the reference and citing writing. Use it to do the boring part of the work without mistakes. After the student types in the necessary source, a perfect reference in the necessary formatting style is provided. A comprehensive database with books, articles, sites, and periodicals makes such a result possible. 


Although editing and proofreading are the final stages of academic writing, they are the ones that should not be skipped. ProWritingAid is an online tool that can save you a lot of time and guarantee the exceptional quality of the delivered results. The service offers a unique combination of a grammar checker, writing coach, plagiarism detector, and edition solution at a reasonable cost. 

Take a few minutes to analyze the writing instrument and make sure it is the one you need. ProWritingAid will eliminate redundancies in the text, contribute to the sentence structure, and refine your writing skills. 


In conclusion, mastering the art of academic writing requires more than just knowledge of subject matter. It demands effective time management, focus, and access to reliable writing tools. Fortunately, the digital age has provided students with a plethora of resources to enhance their writing process and overcome common challenges. From grammar and plagiarism checks to productivity and organization tools, there are solutions available to address every aspect of academic writing. By incorporating these top five writing tools into their workflow, students can streamline their processes, improve the quality of their work, and ultimately achieve greater academic success.


Q: What are some common challenges students face in academic writing?

A: Students often struggle with time management, distractions, lack of motivation, and weak writing skills when tackling academic writing projects.

Q: How can Grammarly help students improve their writing?

A: Grammarly offers spell check, grammar analysis, and sentence structure improvements, helping students refine their writing and ensure it meets academic standards.

Q: What is the purpose of StayFocusd, and how does it work?

A: StayFocusd is designed to improve focus, prevent procrastination, and eliminate digital distractions. It blocks access to other applications and websites for a specified period, allowing students to concentrate on their assignments.

Q: What makes Evernote a valuable tool for students?

A: Evernote provides a platform for organizing research, notes, images, and audio clips. Its easy-to-navigate interface and synchronization across devices make it an ideal solution for students seeking better data organization and accessibility.

Q: How can BibMe assist students with academic writing?

A: BibMe helps students format references and citations correctly, reducing the risk of plagiarism and ensuring the authenticity of their essays. Its comprehensive database includes books, articles, websites, and periodicals to facilitate accurate referencing.

Q: What features does ProWritingAid offer to enhance academic writing?

A: ProWritingAid serves as a grammar checker, writing coach, plagiarism detector, and editing solution. It helps students refine their writing skills, improve sentence structure, and eliminate redundancies to produce high-quality academic papers.

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