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Top Features Of Apple's iOS 16.2 Update

Apple iOS 16.2 is a software update for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that delivers new features for music lovers and advanced security for data protection. It's packed with new music-related features like advanced data protection and always-on display improvements. But what are the advanced data protection features it brings? And how does end-to-end encryption work? Let's find out.

The new music-related features include a freeform app, an apple music sing feature, an apple music karaoke feature, a freeform app, and Lock screen widgets. As always, Apple has upgraded its security systems in this update to protect data against unauthorized access.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the top features of Apple's iOS 16.2 update.
  • Learn about the latest enhancements and improvements in iOS 16.2.
  • Discover new functionalities and tools that enhance user experience.
  • Stay updated on the latest security and privacy enhancements in the update.
  • Find out about performance optimizations and bug fixes for iOS devices.
  • Learn how to make the most of the new features and functionalities.
  • Get acquainted with user interface changes and design updates in iOS 16.2.
  • Explore how the update impacts battery life and device performance.
  • Stay informed about the compatibility of iOS 16.2 with your Apple devices.
  • Make an informed decision about updating to iOS 16.2 to enjoy its benefits.

iOS 16.2 Adds These New Features To Your iPhone

Apple Music Sing

Apple Music Sing has been introduced with the update to Apple Music. With this feature, users can record and share their renditions of songs with friends on social media platforms. This feature is handy for music lovers who want to share their unique voices with the world.
 IOS 16.2 also includes a redesigned Apple Music Library with improved search capabilities. The feature consists of new 'Browse' tabs for music genres and artists, making it easier for users to find content quickly.

On the lyrics screen in the Apple Music app, the new Apple Music Sing feature enables users to sing along with millions of songs. It works by reducing the volume of the vocals in a song and letting users take over as the singer. This feature is only compatible with devices with an A13 chip or newer, including the iPhone 11 and more recent models, certain iPads, and the latest Apple TV 4K.

Apple Music Sing

Advanced Data Protection

The advanced data protection feature focuses on enhancing security in app-related data and app permissions while improving encryption protocols for Apple's HomeKit devices.

End-to-end encryption is extended to several additional iCloud data types in iOS 16.2, including Messages backups, photos, notes, reminders, voice memos, and other data types when the Advanced Data Protection feature is turned on. Only in the United States is Advanced Data Protection available. According to Apple, the software will be available for download in early 2023 across the globe.

Advanced Data Protection

Freeform app

Freeform, a new digital whiteboard app from Apple, is included in iOS 16.2. You can draw on and place sticky notes, text boxes, shapes, photos, videos, links, PDFs, and more on the app's limitless canvas. You may interact with others in real-time via FaceTime and iMessage, and the app is also available on iPad and Mac. Because the iPhone supports the Apple Pencil, freeform is more valuable on the iPad, but you can still use a capacitive stylus.

Freeform App

Two New Lock Screen Widgets

Widgets for voice memos and calendar events can now be added to the lock screen. This feature makes it easier to access these two app widgets on the lock screen. It's easy to see if there is an incoming call or notification on the lock screen and quickly access the relevant app widget.

On iOS 16.2, there are two new Lock Screen widgets for Sleep and Medicine. The Sleep widget shows your most recent sleep session and phases, while the Medications widget lets you see and adjust your medicine schedule quickly.

- Last but not least, Siri has improved in IOS 16.2 with the better language recognition and improved natural language processing. This means Siri can understand more commands and proactively provide answers without prompting you twice as often.

Two New Lock Screen Widgets

Always-on Display improvements

This feature allows users to customize the lock screen look of their devices. With this feature, users can choose from various dynamic wallpapers for their lock screen that feature different scenes or pictures.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max can now be used in always-on display mode, which was previously unavailable. The always-on mode gives the Lock Screen a solid black appearance, similar to Android. In the Settings app, under Display & Brightness ? Always On Display, you'll find the new "Show Wallpaper" and "Show Notifications" toggles.

Always-On Display Improvements

AirDrop Limitation

One Of Apple's Most Underscored assets is AirDrop, which the company created. Sharing photographs, videos, and files between Apple devices is the simplest and quickest approach. That convenience, on the other hand, has come with abuse. Sending unsolicited images of genitalia to anybody's Apple devices that have AirDrop open to "everyone" is now possible thanks to bad actors using AirDrop for something Apple would never advertise or promote.
To limit unnecessary requests from strangers, iOS 16.2 replaces Airdrop's former "Everyone" setting with a restricted "Everyone for 10 Minutes." After ten minutes, Airdrop automatically returns to "Contacts Only."

Airdrop Limitation

Live Activities for Sports Scores via Apple TV App

Lock Screen and Home Screen widgets may be updated with real-time data, which are available as live activities. The iOS 16.1 update was used to promote them. Apple is debuting Sports score updates in the Apple TV app with iOS 16.2. The NBA, English Premier League, and Major League Baseball will all provide scores to users in the United States and Canada. Through Live Activities, MLB scores will be available to users in Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and South Korea.

Live Activities For Sports Scores Via Apple Tv App

Other New Features

  •  With Game Center's SharePlay feature, you may play multiplayer games with individuals on a FaceTime call.
  • The Weather app will have a dedicated news section to show you local news stories.
  • Improved search in the Messages app allows you to find photos based on their content, such as a dog, car, person, or text.
  • Apple claims that the redesigned architecture boosts the app's performance, efficiency, and dependability in managing smart home gadgets after updating to iOS 16.2 and launching the Home app. In iOS 16.1, the Home app got support for Matter accessories.
  • It has enhanced security and performance updates.
  •  Improvements to the App Store and Apple Music experience.

Final Thoughts:

IOS 16.2 brings many new features that make using your iPhone or iPad more accessible and fun. It includes enhancements to Siri, such as support for voice-driven driving directions, support for music-related searches, and advanced analytics data to help you discover new music. You can also use advanced data protection to keep your data secure while using apps and to share data with third-party apps. iOS 16.2 also helps you free up storage space by automatically moving old iOS updates to iCloud. The update also improves the performance of devices with aging batteries and fixes bugs that cause crashes.


Q: What are some of the notable features of Apple's iOS 16.2 update?

A: The iOS 16.2 update brings several new features and improvements to enhance the user experience.

Q: Can you highlight any significant changes or enhancements in iOS 16.2?

A: While I can't provide specific details about iOS 16.2 without access to the official release notes, Apple typically introduces performance enhancements, bug fixes, security updates, and occasionally new features with each iOS update.

Q: Is iOS 16.2 available for all Apple devices?

A: The availability of iOS updates can vary depending on the age and compatibility of your Apple device. Newer devices generally receive the latest updates, while older devices may not be eligible.

Q: How can I check if my device is eligible for the iOS 16.2 update?

A: You can check for software updates on your Apple device by going to "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update." If iOS 16.2 is available for your device, you'll see an option to update.

Q: Are there any specific steps I should follow to install iOS 16.2?

A: To install iOS 16.2, ensure that your device is connected to Wi-Fi, has sufficient battery life or is plugged in, and follow the on-screen instructions in the Software Update section of your device's settings.

Q: Can I revert to the previous iOS version if I encounter issues with iOS 16.2?

A: Generally, Apple doesn't allow users to roll back to previous iOS versions after an update. It's essential to backup your device before updating to iOS 16.2 to ensure you can restore your data if necessary.

Q: How can I provide feedback or report issues with iOS 16.2 to Apple?

A: You can provide feedback or report issues to Apple through the Feedback app, which is typically included with iOS updates. Additionally, you can visit Apple's official support website for assistance and guidance.

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