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5 Simple Tricks to Maximize Your Apple Watch Battery Life 

If you're constantly plugging in your Apple Watch due to a consistently low battery, don't worry - there are several tricks and strategies to extend your device's battery life. Read on for five simple tips that will help boost your Apple Watch battery and make it last longer than ever.

Key Takeaways:

  • A brief overview of the importance of optimizing Apple Watch battery life.
  • How reducing screen brightness can significantly extend battery life.
  • Explaining the Power Reserve mode and when to use it for conserving power.
  • Tips on customizing notifications to reduce unnecessary alerts.
  • How to limit background app activities to save battery.
  • Identifying features like Wake Screen on Wrist Raise that can be disabled when not needed.

1. Reduce Brightness Level and Always Enable Auto-Brightness

To maximize your Apple Watch battery life, one of the best things to do is reduce the brightness level of your watch. Fortunately, this is an effortless task. Just access the brightness settings and reduce it to a lower level than what you have set up as your default. You should also always leave auto-brightness enabled so that the brightness adjusts automatically depending on your current environment and lighting situation. You can guarantee extended battery life while maintaining visibility and functionality by reducing your watch's brightness level and always enabling auto-brightness.

5 Simple Tricks To Maximize Your Apple Watch Battery Life

5 Simple Tricks to Maximize Your Apple Watch Battery Life

2. Disable Unused Haptic Features

To further maximize your Apple Watch battery life, consider disabling haptic features that you don't use often. Haptic features cause the watch to vibrate upon notification. However, this can significantly drain your device's battery if you receive many notifications or if the vibration it emits is too strong. 

How to disable haptic features on your Apple Watch?

You can disable the haptic feature on your Apple Watch by going to the settings menu and tapping 'Sounds & Haptics'. You can then turn off the toggle for "vibration alert" which will disable all haptic feedback from being emitted from your watch.

 Disable Unused Haptic Features

apple smartwatch

3. Turn off the Always-On Display: 

The Always-On Display feature keeps the watch face visible at all times, even when you are not interacting with the device. This feature can be very convenient, but it also uses more battery. To save battery, you can turn off the Always-On Display by going to the Watch app on your iPhone, selecting the My Watch tab, and then tapping on the Display & Brightness option. From there, toggle the switch next to Always-On Display to the off position.

Turn Off The Always-On Display

Turn off the Always-On Display

4. Use Power Reserve Mode for Low Battery Alerts

When your battery is running low, chances are you'll receive a low-battery alert. Instead of allowing the alert to spew forth from your wrist, use power reserve mode! This remarkable feature can extend your watch's life well past what would usually last. 

How to turn on Power reserve mode on Apple Watch?

To access power reserve mode, you only need to press the side button and hold for approximately 6 seconds, turning off any activities and placing your Apple Watch in a low-powered battery-saving mode. The Power Reserve Mode shuts down all but the essential functions of the Apple Watch to conserve battery. 

Use Power Reserve Mode For Low Battery Alerts

5. Optimize Watch Applications Frequently

To ensure that your Apple Watch battery lasts as long as possible, you should optimize your frequently used applications. This will help reduce the amount of power used for each active application. To do so, open up the 'iPhone' application on your phone and select 'My Watch' from the main page. Once there, you can choose which apps to configure that require the lowest power consumption. Additionally, be sure to turn off any unused features or applications to preserve battery life.

Optimize Watch Applications Frequently

Final Thoughts:

So, these are some of the best working solutions to maximize your Apple Watch battery life. But, if you are still experiencing low battery issues it's time to contact the experts and get it fixed. After the inspection, you may probably need a battery replacement. To get a free diagnosis on your Apple Watch, visit your local iFixScreens store. Click here to get started.

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