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Virtual Reality Headsets - The Future Of Wearables


Virtual Reality headsets are becoming one of the most popular wearables nowadays. The main concept of virtual reality is a full immersion into a new "virtual world". Such experience is very suitable for gaming for example. In this article, we make a brief introduction about the virtual reality experience and popular VR headsets in the market.

Virtual reality is a computer-simulated reality in which the user is totally immersed in a new reality and isolated from his reality. The user can interact with that virtual reality as if he was physically into that reality. One of the most trivial uses of VR is gaming where the user enters a battlefield for example, get his motion tracked and interact with other elements in that reality and affect them. However, VR can be also used in training for example to create environments which are not easy to be in such as military training and pilot training. Different scenarios can be driven in which the user is required to deal with in a virtual reality.

In order to experience virtual reality, you need the tool which immerses you into that new world. There is plenty of Virtual Reality Head Mount Displays in the market. One of the cheapest, most popular headsets is the Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard was announced in Google I/O 2014. It's a simple cardboard container for your phone which is set-up to put your phone in, get some VR apps from the App store and experience Virtual Reality. Google Cardboard does not contain any special sensors as it depends mainly on the availability of the necessary sensors in all modern smartphones.

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality

Google CardBoard

Another professional, yet expensive VR headset is absolutely the Oculus Rift VR which was initially funded via Kickstarter. The Oculus Rift is connected to your computer through traditional ports (USB or DVI). It has the necessary sensors to track your head movements and provide the VR experience through its stereo screens.  Another VR headset is the Samsung Gear VR. It uses a Samsung Galaxy phone for processing and display. Samsung has already added some VR-enabled games to the Gear VR and maintained a market for VR videos. The Samsung VR is less expensive than the Oculus Rift yet it provides a decent VR experience.

Oculus Rift Vr

Oculus Rift VR

FOVE VR is a great VR which provides a competitive advantage over its counterparts in the market. The most attractive feature of FOVE VR is eye tracking. FOVE VR has an infrared sensor which tracks eye motion of the user. That kind of tracking offers a great potential for a new control method and many applications. This of course can lead to a more accurate and real experience.  Fove Virtual Reality


There are other Virtual Headset products which are expected to be in the market in the next few months such as Microsoft's Hololens, HTC Vive Pre and Sony Playstation VR. The variety of VR products in the market creates a type of competition to provide the best experience. The end-user is the main beneficiary of that competition. While VR in its current form is a relatively new technology in the market, we hope that further improvements and better prices are making VR available to a wider scope of users.

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