cutting-edge AI capabilities integrated into the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series, taking smartphone intelligence to new heights!


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The first Samsung Galaxy Ai phone is here and it's the S24 Series. 

Here are the 5 amazing Ai features that make it stand out. 


Live Call translation: The Samsung Galaxy Ai can now provide live translation while you are on a call. Currently there are 13 supported languages.

Magic Generate, Erase and Move. The Ai will can now remove Shades, Glares and unwanted objects in your picture. It can also fill blank spaces by generating.

Convert to Slow Motion: The Ai can now replace frames to convert any video captured into Slow Motion! Isn’t it cool?

Magic Enhance: The Ai will enhance and adapt to the surroundings even before you have clicked the photo.

Circle to search: Built in collaboration with Google to simply circle on anything and run a search on Google.

Chat and Live Translation: You can now chat with your friends in their language directly in the messaging App Or use live translation to speak with strangers.