Apple Watch Ultra 2 Review

Durability meets exploration in this robust timepiece designed for adventure and endurance

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The Apple Watch Ultra 2 focuses on improvements rather than a complete overhaul.

Solid Upgrade, Not a Revolution

If you own the original Ultra, consider holding off on upgrading as the improvements may not justify the switch. 

No Rush for Existing Owners

The Ultra 2 maintains the same price as its predecessor despite market trends.

Reasonable Price Point

 You get titanium build, cellular connectivity, and a sapphire display for the price.

High-Performance Features

The Ultra 2 boasts a faster processor, a much brighter display, doubled storage, and eco-friendly materials.

Key Upgrades

New software features improve usability and watch faces for Ultra models.

WatchOS 10 Enhances Experience

The Ultra 2 closely resembles the original Ultra indoors, making it difficult to distinguish between the two. 

Subtle Design Differences

The Ultra 2's display offers significantly better visibility in outdoor environments.

Brighter Display Shines Outdoors