Apple's Biggest AirPods Launch

promises new models, exciting features, and a simplified lineup, catering to diverse user preferences.

All-New Entry-Level AirPod – Budget-friendly B768 (E) & feature-rich B768 (M) models with USB-C charging. B768 (M) may get noise cancellation & Find My tracking.

Streamlining the AirPods Family – With the arrival of AirPods 4, Apple might retire the older AirPods 2 and 3. This lineup, makes it easier for customers to choose the right fit.

AirPods Max Refresh – The over-ear AirPods Max will get a minor makeover with USB-C charging and potentially new color options.

Next-Gen AirPods Pro: Coming Soon, But Not Now – We'll have to wait until 2025 for the next AirPods Pro upgrade. Future rumors hint at features like low-resolution cameras for environmental scanning.

Software Updates: Hearing on Point – iOS 18 (also launching in September) might introduce a "hearing aid mode" for the AirPods Pro, making them even more versatile.