Best Smartphone Award winner is Neither iPhone 15 nor Samsung S23 surprising many in the tech world.  

The prestigious MWC 2024

Google Pixel 8 Series Wins Best Smartphone Award: Recognized for stellar performance and robust features at MWC 2024.

Criteria for Selection: Devices launched between January 2023 and December 2023 were considered for the prestigious accolade.

Competing Brands: Samsung, Apple, and OnePlus featured in the race for the top spot alongside Google Pixel 8.

Independent Panel of Judges: Analysts, journalists, and influencers meticulously evaluated each contender.

Popular Choice: Google Pixel 8 Series garnered widespread user acclaim, contributing to its victory.

Impressive Shipments: Google shipped approximately 10 million Pixel 8 units in the previous year, reflecting consumer preference.

Rick Osterloh's Reaction: @?rosterloh thanked the Pixel community and the Google team for contributing to this achievement.

Innovation and Excellence: The Google Pixel 8 Series stood out for its innovation and commitment to excellence in the smartphone market.

Continued Success: The recognition at MWC 2024 marks another milestone in Google's journey towards smartphone supremacy