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iOS 17.5 Update

Web Distribution for EU Developers: European developers can distribute apps directly to EU iPhone users online, bypassing App Store. Criteria apply for larger developers. 

Quartiles Word Game (Apple News+ Subscribers): Apple News+ subscribers, rejoice! Dive into Quartiles, a daily word game. Create words, earn points, and discover bonuses!

Color-Changing Apple Podcasts Widget: In iOS 17.5, Apple Podcasts widget dynamically matches podcast cover art, enhancing your listening experience!

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Enhancement: MDM solutions can enforce iOS beta versions during Automated Device Enrollment, streamlining device management for organizations.

Battery Health Menu for Future iPads (Sneak Peek): iPadOS 17.5 beta hints at a Battery Health menu, offering insights into the iPad battery's status, enhancing user experience.

Potential New Apple Pencil (iPadOS 17.5 Hint): iPadOS 17.5 beta suggests a new Apple Pencil, possibly for upcoming iPad Pro and iPad Air models. Confirmation is pending.

Combat Spam with Group FaceTime Blocking Feature: Leaked iOS 17.5 beta suggests a "Block All Participants" feature for group FaceTime calls, combating spam and empowering users.

Enhanced Alert System for Third-Party Item Trackers: iOS 17.5 includes support for third-party item trackers, alerting iPhone users to nearby trackers, part of Apple and Google's joint solution.