The anticipated features of the upcoming  

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 based on the latest rumors and leaks

Design and Display  The Galaxy Z Fold 6: Wider yet thinner design for aesthetics and practicality. Rumored "Ironfllex" display ensures durability.

Performance and Chipset The Z Fold 6 may feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, promising improved performance, battery life, multitasking, and app transitions.

Battery and Charging : Expect a significant battery upgrade for the Z Fold 6, offering extended usage time without sacrificing performance. Faster charging speeds are also likely.

Camera Enhancements: Anticipate camera upgrades: Z Fold 6 likely to enhance both photo and video capabilities. Exact specifications awaited.

Main Display Size The main display of the Z Fold 6 is rumored to be larger than its predecessors which will enhance productivity, gaming, and multimedia experiences.

Cover Display Practicality The cover display, which is visible when the device is folded, is expected to be more practical. Samsung may optimize its functionality for quick tasks and notifications.

Release Date and Price The Galaxy Z Fold 6 may launch in July or August, following Samsung's typical pattern. Anticipated starting price: around $1,799.99.