Introducing Pixel 8a: Google's Cutting-Edge AI Smartphone, Packed with Unbeatable Value for Every User!

Stylish Design and Vibrant Colors: A sleek A-Series design with rounded edges, matte finish, and sturdy aluminum frame. Pick from vibrant Aloe, Bay, or classic Obsidian.

Enhanced Display and Performance: Enjoy a brighter display with a 40% increase in brightness and smoother scrolling with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Pro-Level Photography Simplified: Capture stunning photos effortlessly with a powerful dual rear camera and a 13-megapixel front-facing camera, supported by Google Tensor G3 AI technology.

AI-Powered Photo and Video Tools: Benefit from Best Take for photo expressions, Magic Editor for background tweaks, and Audio Magic Eraser for clear video sound.

Effortless Productivity with Google AI: Use Gemini AI for tasks on the go, Circle to Search for quick info, and Pixel Call Assist for better calls.

Expressive Communication with Audio Emoji: Make phone calls more engaging by using Audio Emoji to trigger audio reactions and visual effects during conversations.

Family-Friendly Features: Simplified setup and enhanced parental controls through Family Link ensure a safer and more tailored experience for children.

Advanced Security and Long-Term Support: Enjoy high-level security with Google Tensor G3 chip and 7-year software support, including updates and Android OS upgrades.

Get Your Pixel 8a Today: Pre-order Pixel 8a for $499, get $499 back over 24 months on Google Fi. Explore Pixel Tablet with Circle to Search, available May 14.