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Samsung Galaxy Ring

Design The Galaxy Ring is a fitness tracking ring designed to simplify health monitoring without the need for a daily smartwatch

Varieties: It features a shiny metal exterior available in three colors. The ring comes in multiple sizes (ranging from 5 to 13), ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone.

Health Tracking Features: The Galaxy Ring monitors heart rate, movement, breathing, and sleep insights. It's FDA-certified for sleep apnea detection, motion sensors and Bluetooth connectivity.

Expected Launch Date: Anticipate the Samsung Galaxy Ring's launch in late summer 2024, with mass production starting in Q2 and a potential debut at the end of July alongside other devices.

Pricing: While the exact cost remains undisclosed, Competing with the Oura Ring (priced at $299), we expect the Galaxy Ring to be affordable, likely not exceeding $300.

Design Confirmation: The Galaxy Ring, showcased at MWC 2024, confirms its circular form and will be available in eight sizes, similar to the Oura Ring.