Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

A detailed review and analysis of performance after two months of usage.

Overall Impression The Galaxy S24 Ultra redefines smartphones with improved battery life, performance, and cameras. Yet, hidden features and AI quirks persist.

Performance The S24 Ultra boasts better battery life and faster performance compared to its predecessor.

Battery Life The new AI features can sometimes slow down the phone, but overall, it delivers a smooth experience.

Camera Quality The cameras have seen significant improvements, resulting in better photo quality compared to last year. The flexible camera system allows for versatile shooting options.

Software Experience Unfortunately, Samsung’s aging and cumbersome software still plague the user experience. Exciting features are buried under layers of settings and menus.

Design and Build The S24 Ultra is big and heavy, despite its titanium frame. The flat display is brilliant and offers an excellent viewing experience.

Price and Value While the S24 Ultra offers more, it also comes with a higher price tag. When you see the Ultra in action, it’s worth the investment.