Discover Samsung's vision for wearables with the upcoming Galaxy Ring and a range of innovative smartwatches.

Galaxy Ring: Health Tracker: This discreet ring-shaped device focuses on health tracking, similar to the Oura Ring.

Health Features: It provides heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and introduces a distinctive "Vitality" score feature. 

Comfortable Design: Designed for comfort and everyday wear, it comes in black, gold, and silver with multiple sizes.

Galaxy Integration: Anticipated to seamlessly synchronize and complement the functionality of various Samsung Galaxy devices, ensuring a cohesive user experience.

Potential Release Date: Official announcement likely at the next Galaxy Unpacked event (around July 10th), with release in August 2024 (mass production in May).

Price Prediction: Projected to be priced at $300 or possibly higher, reflecting its advanced features and capabilities.

Premium Smartwatch: Samsung is also developing a new premium smartwatch with advanced features and a sleek design.

Expanding Wearable Ecosystem: Expect more premium smartwatch models and potentially a rugged "Ultra" variant for Galaxy Watch lineup.