fuse style with functionality. From historical to fitness-inspired designs, tailor your smartwatch experience.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Faces 2024 


Dive into history with intricate watch face designs showcasing iconic symbols like Viking axes and medieval knights, blending style with storytelling.

ACD History Vikings

Capture global cityscapes on your wrist with skyline-inspired watch faces, allowing you to carry a piece of Paris or New York wherever you go.

SamWatch Scenery

Embark on a gaming journey with watch faces inspired by classic video games, featuring iconic symbols and themes from beloved franchises for an adventurous style.

Classic Zelda Master Sword 

Stay prepared with weather-focused watch faces, providing real-time updates on temperature, humidity, and more to help plan your day effectively.

GS Weather 4

Boost your fitness with health-focused watch faces, tracking steps, monitoring heart rate, and keeping you motivated to achieve your goals.

ACD Fitness Time

Expand your language skills with educational watch faces. Learn a new word with every glance and immerse yourself in a world of language and culture.

Oui Oui!

Embrace your inner superhero with Marvel-inspired watch faces, featuring iconic characters like Iron Man and Captain America to showcase your fandom on your wrist.

Marvel Avengers Model 2

Embrace the power of the Force with Star Wars-inspired watch faces. Whether you're a Jedi or a Sith, these designs offer a glimpse into a galaxy far, far away.

Death Star