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What's The Right Phone Screen Size For You?

Screen size is one of the most important features that one has to choose carefully. There are many different devices in the market with different screen sizes. That leaves regular user in confusion trying to figure out which screen size will be suitable for him. In this article, we are trying to eliminate that confusion and help you decide which screen size you should have.

Smartphone Screen SizesIt is clear that the trend in most modern mobile is to go for the bigger screen size. So, we see modern devices having screens of about 6 inches. We also have seen phablets like the Lenovo Phab 2 which we have explored in a previous article. However, some companies such as Apple have identified that some users don’t like those big screens. Some are still sticking to the old, small-sized screens. So, Apple has released the iPhone SE not a long time ago. We’ve also gone through the iPhone SE in a previous article.

If you like to have some phone which is light and easy to hold in one hand, you should go with the 4-inch or less option. This option would provide you with a fully-functional phone with all the basic task you might need. It will be very easy to deal with if you don’t like big screens. One of the most modern phones that fall in this category is Apple’s iPhone SE which was released in March of this year. You can also find other phones in this category but they may be quite old. On the other hand, most devices in this category are relatively cheap compared to other handsets.


You might want to have better features and still have reasonable phone size and weight. If you’re this kind of people, you should go with one of the phones beyond 4 inches to 5 inches. One of these phones is the Sony Xperia Compact Z5. The main theme of phones in this category is that you get better specs than the first category and you still have a relatively portable phone. Still easy to use and easy to deal. They are also light. The prices of phones that fall in this category are still relatively cheap in most cases.

Going up in size you still have phones ranging from 5 inches to 6 inches. Most modern phones fall in this category. They are obviously larger and some people may find it hard to deal with and use. But you’ll find all the features you need in a mobile phone. Some of them maybe extras and not very necessary but some people still want them. Some examples for this category are Google’s Nexus 6P which is 5.7-inches and Samsung Galaxy S7 which is 5.2-inches and iPhone 6s Plus which is 5.5 inches. There’re also phablets such as the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro which is about 6.4-inches. Many reviewers and users argue about the need of such large screens but still some people like this size of screens.

Finally, you can choose the screen size depending on many factors such as: features needed, available budget, and usage preference. It is totally a matter of personal preference and this guide was to help you identify the main factor you should build your decision upon.

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