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Need To Know While Selling Your Used Smartphones Online

The technology and features of smartphones are rapidly changing. Your new smartphone will only take a month to become outdated. Compared to any other electronic products, the upgrade cycle plays a significant role in the mobile phone industry. New smartphone innovations keep coming, making our mobiles more interesting and quickly replacing the existing ones.

The temptation to upgrade is strong as a huge number of mobile phones hit the market every month. There’s some evidence we’re starting to hang on to our smartphones a little longer than we used to, with the average American waiting 22.7 months to upgrade, according to Kantar Worldpanel. If you are not afraid of burning a hole in your pocket every time a new smartphone hits the market, chances are either you own more than five handsets or you’re smart and sell your old phone to help fund the new purchase. But it could be a challenging task to get the best price while selling your phone and tablet online.

Sell Your Phone &Amp; Tablet Online

Understand the Online Resale Market of used Phones-

You might be delving into the idea of selling your phone online and securing at least 60% of its original price. It’s not that easy if not impossible. The smartphone resale world is entirely different and if it is the first you are opting to sell your device online, there are a few things you need to keep in mind such as:

  • Brands matter a lot in the online resale market. For instance, selling an iPhone or a Samsung phone is quite easier in the online world compared to other brands.
  • The operating system, camera quality, and actual model are in great demand while selling your phone online.
  • Having all the documents intact will better your chances of attracting potential buyers.
  • Years of use is the single most important aspect buyers look at while purchasing a used phone. The shorter amount of usage will greatly increase the chance of selling it quickly.
  • Do not set the price too high. Your expectations regarding the price should be acceptable to the buyers not unrealistic. You see the pricing structure of your device from other online marketplaces.

Remember one thing, it doesn’t matter how outdated your smartphone is, there is someone on the internet who wants it. You can secure the best price for your device if you choose to sell your old gadget on the renowned marketplace.


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