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Why Gamers Are Expecting The Arrival Of PS5?

The Sony executive Mr. John Tsuyoshi told the investors that the PlayStation 4 is completing the final phase of its lifecycle. Sony is dead serious about planning for the PlayStation 5. Later it was announced that a three-year transition from PS4 to PS5 the gamers are waiting for new PlayStation game-version. The statement of Kodera has a huge ramification for next version of PSVR. Sony has also released a new headset for PS4 that will support PS5 in the future.

Historical Standard of PlayStation

Many years ago Sony hired Mark Cerny, the leader of Automation Development of PlayStation. He also introduced gamers with several PlayStations and PSVR. Sony has enabled PlayStations offering backward compatibility & emulation. History says IO ports & internals with different connectors or system architectures of PSVR 2 was the first PlayStation. Presently, PS4 is ruling the market and future generation is expecting to play PS5.

End of PS4 with outdated features

Sony Executive John Tsuyoshi said, “The death of a thriving platform is seen for PS4 hardware”. Even R & D spending in the future will end soon and the games of PS4 will not be seen in the future. About 80% of users are demanding the arrival of PS5. The industry research firm’s SuperData is not concerned about PS4 hardware sales because of the outdated version. Gamers are demanding PS5 and expecting to play the games like God of War, New Spider-man game, Red Dead Redemption and many other games in the new PlayStation with advanced features.


Following are some of the outdated features of PS4:

  • Fast Motion Control
  • Remap the buttons on DualShock
  • Notification Customization option
  • Customize Share buttons
  • Console Design

Arrival of PS5 with advanced feature

Gamers are waiting for the arrival of PS5 and they are expecting some of the advanced features in the PlayStation such as:

  • Backward Compatibility
  • Graphics Processing Power
  • Hard Drive Speed/Space
  • Virtual Reality
  • Console Design
  • Controller Design
  • Blue-Ray/Disc Drive

Game developers are focusing to build PS5 based on the above-mentioned features. The developers are also trying to develop super-expensive headsets. The VR developer is giving a spotlight on accessories of games and other criteria.


Game Development industry is creating a mirage of modern technology with several features in the new games at PS5 using VR automation process. Users cannot wait to see the next generation of VR screens, games and controller along with PS5 and PSVR fans are waiting to switch the news games incoming generation.

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