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Softwares that Work Best for Recovering Lost Data from Android Phones

Damaged smartphones make your life standstill. Mobile phones have become just more than a device that is only used for maintaining communication. Our smartphones store many important data such as valuable files, images, recordings, messages, contacts and other official documents. Just think, what if your prized device gets damaged and all the data become inaccessible, […]

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Helpful Tips on Choosing the Right Computer Repair Service

Even though the computer you have recently purchased for your business is of the latest brand, regardless of how good your computer is, there is always a time when your computer screen freezes, your files are gone, and panic is seizing your entire body. Don’t need to panic, a reliable, professional computer repair shop can […]

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3 tips to Prevent your iPhone Screen from Getting Scratched

3 tips to Prevent your iPhone Screen from Getting Scratched Apple has merged science and art with the innovative design to give mirror-like shine to its iPhone screens. The magnificence of every Apple iPhone comes from its elegant and highly-stylized screen making it worth protecting like an expensive jewellery. In the view of the most […]

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Factors that Lead to The Growing Fame of The Smartphones

Smartphones matter partly because of their ubiquity. They have become the fastest-selling gadgets in history, outstripping the growth of the simple mobile phones that preceded them. This shift is happening more rapidly with the emergence of the Android smartphones in the market. The launch of the T-Mobile G1, manufactured by HTC, in October 2008 was […]

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What you Need to Know While Selling your Used Smartphones Online

The technology and features of smartphones are rapidly changing. Your new smartphone will only take a month to become outdated. Compared to any other electronics products, the upgrade cycle plays a significant role in the mobile phone industry. New smartphone innovations keep coming, making our mobile more interesting and quickly replacing the existing one. The […]

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Handling Tips of the Large Screen Smartphones of Samsung

The smartphone industry is one of the most dynamic marketplaces out there. Till a few years ago it was dominated by Nokia, then came Samsung and it emerged as the strongest player in the smartphone segment with its release of smartphones run on Android OS. There is hardly a place in the world, where Samsung […]

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How iPhone Contributed the Digital Transformation of the World

Very few people can doubt if we say our world has become much better because of smartphones. They are truly a unique gift of science. Everything in our life has changed beyond recognition with the emergence of a small device we carry with us every time. Whether it is taking photos or playing games, listening […]

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Labor Day Savings at iFixScreens

What Can We Fix For You Today?

Labor Day Savings at iFixScreensBUY ONE REPAIR GET ONE 50% OFFOn iPhone and iPad Repairs *Save even more $$$ on all Smartphone, Tablet, Mac, Or PC  Accessories25% OFF ACCESSORIESFAST, AFFORDABLE IPHONE, SAMSUNG, SMARTPHONE, TABLET, LAPTOP, GAME CONSOLE, AND GADGET REPAIRFix It With Gadgets Repair ExpertsPay Now Save Later – Gift Cards are available, check store for […]

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What Makes a Mobile Repair Shop Trustworthy

Mobile phones have become an inextricable part of our life and almost everyone of us has a mobile device. They are our alter-identity that not only help us easy communication but also function as an instrument of entertainment. Digital cameras, music players, computers and handicams-mobile phones are loaded with several features of different gadgets. Along […]

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