Explore the revolutionary 

Apple M4 chip  

 with its groundbreaking advancements reshaping the future of technology. 


The M4 chip is built using cutting-edge 3-nanometer technology, resulting in improved performance and energy efficiency.

3-Nanometer Technology

50% Performance Boost

When Compared to its predecessor (the M2), the M4 chip delivers a remarkable 50% increase in performance.

Ultra Retina XDR Display

The M4 powers the iPad Pro’s Ultra Retina XDR display, featuring tandem OLED technology for stunning visuals.

Advanced Neural Engine

With an upgraded Neural Engine, the M4 enables powerful AI capabilities on the iPad Pro.

Thin and Lightweight Design

The new iPad Pro, powered by the M4, boasts an impressively thin and lightweight design (5.3 mm for the 11-inch model and 5.1 mm for the 13-inch model).


The iPad Pro with the M4 chip is available for order now, with in-store availability starting on May 15.

Improved Graphics

The M4 chip includes a next-generation GPU, enhancing graphics performance for demanding tasks.

Productivity and Creativity

Overall, the M4 chip elevates both productivity and creativity on the iPad Pro!