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Android 12 is here & after many, many years, We think Google has pleasantly surprised us and has even raised our expectations as well with stock Android. In fact, We are confused about whether to call this stock Android or not because when you think of stock Android, you get a feeling of dated UI, not much personalization & this Android 12 is exactly the opposite. Yes, it looks like a modern UI. We’ll talk about everything about Android 12. So let’s get into the changes in Android 12.


The huge change in the way stock Android looks. When you pull down the notification, you think which UI is this but it’s stock Android. The colors & all are very nice; icons have rounded edges and look very, very modern. Android 12 also gives you lots of personalization options.

New Android 12 Update

Yes. We don’t think we’ve got this level of personalization in the previous years, but Android 12 goes next level. Some are comparing this to MIUI. Real me UI, this feels one step forward. E.g., changing your phone’s wallpaper will also change the system colors, accent color, and background color automatically depending on your wallpaper.

That’s really good. It means you don’t have to change the theme on your phone. Instead, just change the wallpaper, and the look & feel will be automatically changed. Things are more efficient too, with under-the-hood improvements resulting in a 22% reduction in CPU time that was needed for core system services, and a 15% reduction in the use of big cores by the system. We were tracking developer preview, this is the 3rd DP & on top of that, it’s running Android 12 Beta 1. There is still 2-3 Beta planned by Google before the final release around August.

We’ve installed this on our Pixel 3a – which is 2-3 years old & is not a new phone with fewer specs. However, if you get a modern Pixel device, you’ll get even more, which is currently missing on Pixel 3a. One thing is good, whenever the latest Android version comes out, not many brands offer it right away, but now Android 12 is beta is available on various devices of different brands. E.g., OnePlus, Asus, Realme, etc., are rolling out Android 12 beta on their latest flagship smartphones. This is a beta version, not a stable one, so install only if you’re adventurous.

Android 12

Got Cracked Screen?

One thing We need to tell you, it feels a lot of fluid & responsive. We usually refer to these words with Oxygen OS(One Plus) or MIUI, but now we can say the same about stock Android. So many new animations have been added, which makes this stock Android a modern UI. It’s serious eye candy. Google has named this design as ‘Material You’, based on material design & Google specifically calls this as Material You design.

Even in the settings menu, you’ll notice a lot of changes with colorful & modern icons. Widgets have also got a new design change with rounded corners & you can control widgets with more customization.

So they’ve taken customization & personalization one step forward. And they’ve gone one step forward with privacy too. It’ll display the apps & what kind of permissions it’s using. You can see this under the privacy dashboard, so you don’t have to search for it in individual apps. One more important privacy thing has been added; whenever an app uses the camera or microphone, you’ll be alerted with little dots in your status bar. This will make you aware of apps using a camera or microphone.

Android 12 Updates Timeline
image courtesy: developer.android

This is just Beta 1. As We said, there is still 2-3 more beta before the stable release. Also, We forgot to tell you previously stock Android used to get game mode, which is missing in Android 12 currently.
We think it’ll come back in the next update, but that is something that We saw missing. But We need to reiterate that Google pleasantly surprised me with Android 12, especially with the look & feel. Seriously!


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