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Apple iOS 9 New Features, Problems And Solutions

iOS 9 is Apple's newest version of operating systems for iOS devices, which was released to the public on September 2015. IOS 9 is featuring optimization, performance enhancements and new features like improved Siri responses and better search tools.

Apple Ios 9

Each new version of iOS refines features, improves functionality, and ultimately advances all the previous versions. iOS 9's main advancements is on intelligence and proactivity, which allow the device to recognize user habits and recommend actions based upon it.

Apple has managed to improve existing features and add new ones to provide the user with the most intelligent and proactive experience using his iPhone or iPad. Here's a brief list of top IOS 9 improvements  

  • Intelligent Search
  • Proactive Assistant
  • SIRI
  • Split-Screen, Multitasking for iPad
  • Map Transit Directions

iOS Bugs Reported

  • Battery Life. This is an issue that seems to re-occur with every iOS update. Even though the reasons for that can vary from one device to another, there are several useful tips for improving battery life that you should try.
  1. Check which apps are wasting battery
  2. Turn off unnecessary features
  3. Low Power Mode
  4. Dim Screen
  • Frozen Home Screen, If you were using an app, then it froze, double tap your Home button, then swipe up and close the app. If that doesn't work, try holding down the Sleep/Wake and Home button at the same time to restart your phone
  • Overheat, Some users reported that their devices are getting hot after IOS 9 update, this might relate to the battery overworking. Try to close all apps you don't need, turn off your wifi or mobile data, and get a new cooling case -available for iPhone 5/5s or iPhone 6.
  • Speaker malfunction,  A weird bug reported by some users that when the phone is paired with a Bluetooth device, the speaker drop any sound. If you face it, then you should turn off your Bluetooth.
  • High mobile data usage, IOS feature may eat your data to support tons of new features like WIFI-assist which automatically use your mobile data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor or weak. You only have to disable that feature to retain your data.

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