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Category Archives for "iPhone Issues"

“iPhone Disabled”? What to do?

iphone disabled

Although there are a lot of different phone brands nowadays, there’s no doubt that iPhone is still one of the all-time favorites. However, it is also not a hidden fact that it suffers from sudden problems that we do not even know the reason why or how it happened. One of these issues is iPhone […]

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Smartphone Repair Service – Helpful Tips Part 1

  If you are located in New York, Atlanta or Florida, and are looking for quick repair of your smartphone, you have come at right place. There are many factors which lead to selection of service provider for your smartphone. We have list down few factors and why you should go with us, when it […]

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Five Technical Steps to Solve the Black Screen Problem in iPhone Camera

iPhone is a perfect smart gadget with unique features and functionalities of sleek design and advanced automation technology made by ‘Apple’. Nevertheless, mobile users complain about the malfunctions of camera in iPhone. It is often observed that instead of providing the front view or rear clearly, the camera does not function properly and shows a […]

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Bending Issues With iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

  Apple’s iPhones consistently rank at the top of the sales charts. When smartphone giant launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it sold 14.2 million iPhone 6s units in calendar Q2 2016. But along with its huge popularity and appeal, unfortunately the device is reported to have suffered from many design defect. Some of […]

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