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iPhone XR Water Damage Diagnostic

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iphone xr water damage

Why consider iPhone XR Water Damage Diagnostic if something happens to your phone?

There were many good reviews about iPhone XR. According to experts, this phone is a much cheaper version of iPhone XS and XS max. For once, Apple did not sacrifice the quality of their phone for a cheaper price. It has a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display based on LCD technology. Moreover, it has only a slight difference in resolutions with the other two models. It even comes in vibrant colors. But, it is not entirely water-resistant.

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As everyone knows, Apple does not cover warranty for any liquid damages for its iPhone and iPad. If you decide to consult in their store, you will have to pay for a huge amount. Now, you might consider finding repair shops to diagnose your phone. But, you might be afraid of more severe malfunctions if it will be in the hands of con repair shops. But don’t worry! iFixScreens is a professional repair shop that will not disappoint you.

These are why you should consider iPhone XR Water Damage Diagnostic:

  •  It is not completely water-resistant

Picture this. It was summer and your family decided to go on swimming. With your water-resistant iPhone XR, you just dived into the water. You thought it would survive a six-feet dive. But, despite its claim, iPhone XR is only safe to be under one-meter water in less than thirty minutes. If exposed to water with higher pressure, your phone will malfunction.

iPhones are created from metal cases that hold ma lot of wirings inside. So, if your cellphone develops moist inside it, it might rust or even have a short circuit. With this, your phone will malfunction. This is why you really need to have iPhone XR Water Damage Diagnostic.

  •  You will save money

All Apple products are considered a luxury more than a necessity. Your iPhone XR is not an exemption to this. It costs around 649-699 dollars depending on the market place. Having your phone busted because it just swam around? It is disappointing and a waste of money.

If you consider having it diagnosed and repaired, you might save a lot of money. Rather than buying a new phone with the same features as your current phone, it will be great if you will have it repaired. Don’t hesitate to get an iPhone XR Water Damage Diagnostic immediately.

  •  It is eco-friendly.

There is a growing number of population and higher demand for communication. That is why mobile phone consumption is also growing worldwide. This also leads to a higher volume of wastes coming from discarded phones. Just this 2014, the United Nations reported e-waste to be the fastest rising waste problem.

This is why professionals highly suggest phone recycling and phone repairs. Do you wish to be part of the green community? Then you should consider having iPhone XR Water Damage Diagnostic. This will not only save your pocket and phone, but this will also save Mother Earth.

  •  Online hacks will not work

You might have watched hacks that claim to save your day. They say, keeping your phone in a container filled with uncooked rice will dry out your phone. However, this is just a myth. Rice is water-absorbent. But it will not do its miracle if it does not actually touch the liquid directly. Also, rice particles might lodge into small spaces of the phone and might cause more damages. Instead, bring your phone immediately to professionals and have it checked. This will prevent your phone from developing more malfunctions. So don’t hesitate to get an iPhone XR water damage diagnostic immediately.

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iPhone XR has received multiple positive reviews from professionals. Don’t let your fun experience turn into waste just because of damages caused by liquids. Visit the nearest iFixScreens location. Get an immediate and quality iPhone XR Water Damage Diagnostic and repair.

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