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iPhone XS Max Charge Port Repair

Get an affordable iPhone XS Max Charge Port Repair today.

Can’t charge your iPhone XS Max anymore? That means the charging port is no longer working. Get an iPhone XS Max Charge Port repair immediately!

One of the most common problems of having a smartphone is a broken charge port. This problem is common to all kinds of brand of smartphones. When it comes to your newly bought iPhone XS Max? This problem is quite a burden. It is frustrating because charging and using it is impossible. Think of how much you worked hard to earn the money to buy your precious phone, to find it un-rechargeable.

Having said that, let’s discuss some factors of why your iPhone does not charge.

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Why won’t my device charge?
Does your device is having troubles in connecting to host devices (PCs, laptops, etc.)? Is it difficult to charge? The one to blame could be the current cable you are using. But, it can also be the device itself. If you can't fix it, get an iPhone XS Max Charge Port Repair instead.

There are many factors that contribute to your device, not charging. You can do a simple checking of your device. It will allow you to inform the repair shop what might cause the problem. Here are some suggestions on how you can check your device:

  1. Try a hard reset. Bugs can develop literally out of nowhere. There are minor bugs that could be fixed by a simple system refresh. But, there is also a bug that can become serious headaches. Trying to do a hard reset will determine if your device developed a bug.
  2. Try to install the recent iOS update. Just recently, several iPhone XS all over the planet showed a block. The block prevents the phone from charging if it on sleep mode or standby. Apple gave out a solution for that bug, but similar problems still occur randomly. Are you currently experience trouble in charging your device? There's a possibility that your device has a unique bug. Make sure your apps are all updated as well as your iOS.
  3. Try using another charging accessory. There are some instances wherein a device won't charge. The reason is because of faulty charging accessories. To confirm if the adapter or the cable is to blame, try using another set of accessory. You can borrow from your friend or a family member.

  4. Try to flip the lightning cable. If you have a charging issue on your iPhone XS, you can try to do this trick: flip the lightning cable. Both sides of a lightning cable tip are identical. So, you can insert it in any manner, not like those standard USB cables. Try this one if it will help solve your issues.

  5. Charge your device with a computer. Some iPhone owners have shared a technique. It is to solve the issues of their devices that don't charge. There may be no logical explanation for this one. other than the lower input of energy from a PC's USB port can trigger a change in a device's power management settings. If the main reason for your problem is a minor glitch, this technique may help you.
  6. Check your device’s port. If your device is regularly exposed in a dusty and dirty environment, dust or other debris might have accumulated in the charging port. This accumulation of dust blocks the charging cable. Try to check the port if it has some dirt, and try to get rid of it using compressed air. Don't punt anything solid inside the port to avoid damages in the system.

Additionally, you can check the port for signs of moisture. A charging port that has moisture prevents a device from charging. The iPhone XS is designed to halt charging when moisture is present in the port. iPhones are sensitive which is why if you have no idea how to fix the issue, get an iPhone XS Max Charge Port repair immediately.

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Just remember that you must not push your luck in trying to fix your phone by yourself. The best thing to do is to seek the help of the professional. At iFixScreens, we offer the best solutions. We can give high-quality services like iPhone XS Max charge port repair.

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