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  • Same day turn around within 1 hour or less.
  • 180 day hassle-free warranty. 

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Why Choose Us?

Same Day Service

If you're short on time and need a cracked screen or battery replacement for your Smartwatch, count on iFixScreens in Lindenhurst. Our experts can repair it for you in just 30 minutes.

Highest Quality Parts

At iFixScreens Lindenhurst, across all the repairs, we use the best quality and OEM standard parts to make sure they last long. So you don't have to worry about the quality of the parts used for your Smartwatch's repair.

180 Day Warranty

Across all Smartwatch repairs we perform, you get a 180-day hassle-free warranty against any manufacturing defects. The best part, you can claim this warranty across any iFixScreens store in the US!

Expert Technicians

Our experts can handle any repair needs for your Smartwatch, from simple screen repairs to complex water damage repairs. You can trust all certified technicians to ensure the best possible experience.

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With thousands of Smartwatch repairs completed successfully every year, iFixScreens Lindenhurst has been a preferred choice for any Smartwatch repair requirements. With our exceptional quality of parts and next-level service, you will surely leave our stores with a smile. Smartwatch repairs like Apple Watch screen repair and Galaxy Watch screen repair are on our day-to-day list of repairs. Experience the quality of our service by visiting the iFixScreens Lindenhurst store. If you have already tried our service and love it, please leave a review to help others find the best Smartwatch repair store close to their location.

Some Of The Common Smartwatch Problems We Fix

Smartwatch Repair

Smartwatch Battery Replacement

At iFixScreens in Lindenhurst, our experts can replace the battery of your Smartwatch, whether it's an Apple Watch or a Galaxy Watch, on the same day. Don't let a dying battery ruin your day - bring your Smartwatch to us for a quick and easy battery replacement.

Smartwatch Connectivity Issues

At iFixScreens in Lindenhurst, are you experiencing connectivity problems on your Apple or Samsung Galaxy Watch? Let our experts diagnose and fix your Smartwatch's Bluetooth or network connectivity issues.

Smartwatch Glass & OLED Replacement

At iFixScreens in Lindenhurst, we offer Smartwatch repair services for Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch. Our experts can fix broken OLEDs or LCDs at the lowest cost. Visit us today to get your Smartwatch fixed at our local store.

Smartwatch Repair Services In Lindenhurst, Ny

Apple Watch Glass Replacement

At iFixScreens in Lindenhurst, our experts can fix your broken or cracked Apple Watch glass on the same day. Call us now for the lowest quote on Apple Watch glass repair near you. Trust us for fast and affordable repairs.

Smartwatch Water Damage Repair

At iFixScreens in Lindenhurst, we can quickly fix liquid damage on your Apple or Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch, regardless of the generation. Our certified experts are skilled in repairing liquid damage on your Smartwatch.

Bracelet or Strap Replacement

Are you looking to replace the strap on your Smartwatch with a trendy one? We have many options for straps and bracelets in various colors and types, including all generations of Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch, at the iFixScreens store near you in Lindenhurst.

Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, Fit Bit, Fossil, Or Moto 360. 

We fix it all!

No matter what the brand or model is of your Smartwatch, we can fix it. From Screen repairs to battery replacements and crown repairs, our experts at iFixScreens Lindenhurst are certified to provide a one-stop-shop repair experience. Some of the most common Smartwatch repairs we perform are Apple Watch screen repair, Apple Watch battery replacement, Samsung Galaxy watch screen repair, Fitbit screen repair, and belt repairs for all these brand watches. If your watch is not turning on or misbehaving, bring it to our iFixScreens Lindenhurst store, and our experts will fix it in a jiffy.

Fastest And Cost Effective Smartwatch Repair Stores

At iFixScreens Lindenhurst, we ensure that all the parts needed for frequent repairs are always in stock at iFixScreens Lindenhurst store. So, If you are in a hurry and need your Apple watch's glass repaired on the same day, you can rely on us. Moreover, our promise of the lowest repair cost on Smartwatches always stands. If you find a better price than our quote for the same quality repair, we will beat that price by $5. 

Smartwatch Repair

I am facing connectivity issues on my Apple Watch. can you fix it?

Yes, we do it all the time. Just bring by your Apple watch to iFixScreens Lindenhurst store. Our experts will perform a detailed diagnosis and make sure you walk out of the store with a perfectly working Apple watch.

The Screen on my Apple watch is broken. How much will it cost to replace?

My Samsung Galaxy Watch is just not turning on. How to fix it?

Can you replace the battery on my Smart Watch? How much will it cost?

Do you provide a warranty on the screen repaired?

Let The Experts Fix Your Smartwatch

With thousands of Smartwatches repaired yearly, our experts have the experience to fix your Smartwatch consistently. We also ensure that all our experts are updated about the latest technology requirements and certified to perform the relevant requirements. So you can relax and have a coffee while we fix it. No matter which service option you choose, the quality of repair will remain consistent and perfect.

Experts Repairing A Smartwatch

Common Smartwatch Repairs We perform

From Apple Watch Screen Repair to Samsung Watch Battery Replacement, We have got you covered!