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Merrick Location

You'll Love working with iFixScreens Merrick - Your Gadgets Repair Experts

Brought my iPhone in because I thought I needed a new loudspeaker, rings and any audio were very faint. Because it was an easy fix they cleared it up for no cost. Wish I remembered the name of the fellow working this morning. I will recommend these guys to any friend who needs a repair.
Har Rab
16:08 01 Aug 17
The technician fixed a ipad and a laptop. Quick service. Reasonable prices. Great Customer Service
Bernice M. Butler
22:45 10 Jul 17
Both times I've come here the guys were super nice and attentive. Very fast turn around. Highly recommend if you don't want to spend a ton at Apple. Thanks!
Kim Ziegler
17:04 05 Feb 17
Fast, courteous, excellent, extremely friendly. I HIGHLY recommend. Great price!!!! Will be coming back to fix my mac screen
Andrea Mehale
18:33 03 Mar 17
I had my screen repaired in this store, I liked it a lot. They are very professional and quick. It looks like a new phone and you can not tell it was replaced. And the quality is really good too, I dropped twice already, and it didn’t break.
yanjie chen
00:35 18 Dec 17
I love this store! They had great service and get the job done! I brought in a iPhone 6 Plus that had a shattered screen and in only a one hour they were able to replace my screen.
Ling Chen
01:04 18 Dec 17
Good and reliable services, reasonable price and quick turnaround. I have sent my personal and company phones here for repair for long. Definitely recommend.
Chadsel LLC
15:17 18 Dec 17
Had my phone repaired there, service was great!! The techs are very professional! Highly recommended!!
claira zhao
00:41 18 Dec 17
Excellent. Grown adult counter person, most likely the owner, knowledgeable and he’s the technician doing the work. You can see him doing the repairs. No back room mystery. Three other stores didn’t have the parts and the prices were twice or 50% more. They all wanted my password so I had to wipe the iPad Air 2 but this gentleman said no I don’t need it. Honest. Done in two hours. Go here.
abe bee
01:21 13 Feb 18
Always get great results on any repairs that I have done at the Merrick store. Very convenient for drop off and quick turn around. Thanks Jeff
Paulette Bilella
02:50 14 Feb 18
What a great experience. I dropped off my laptop at 10:30 am and it was ready by 11:00! The owner was courteous and most importantly honest. I will definitely use this business again. My laptop is good as new. Thank you so much for a great job done super quickly.
Phyllis Hoffman
18:32 15 Feb 18
Excellent experience! No problem. Great price. Phone good as new. Will come here from now on
Enrico Sorrentino
19:26 17 Feb 18
My son cracked his iPad screen and after speaking with Jeff he knew precisely the correct part and said to bring it over and that it will take about 2hrs. While I was there I asked if he could repair my iPhones earpiece speaker which was very very low. He said no problem and fixed the iPhone in literally less than 10 minutes! Amazing prices, clean shop, well educated staff. An asset to Merrick
Mark Jeacoma
20:29 19 Feb 18
I bought a phone here for much cheaper than many other places were selling and they helped so much. He not only helpede set the phone is but placed it in the case he included. Honestly this is the best service I've received in awhile!
Jessica Webber-Rampell
22:34 22 May 18
Superior service quick friendly and fast! Loved this place !!
Christina Diamond
00:01 05 Jun 18
Great prices, great customer service, and very efficent at fixing phones. My iphone recieved a new battery and screen in no later then 20 minutes, i highly reccomend coming to this store if in need of anything phone related.
Rattyfam Dy
18:17 17 Jun 18
Extremely quick to fix the phone. Store is clean and the staff is extremely personable.
Phil Montalbano
17:22 22 Jun 18
These guys are AMAZING! After finding out first-hand that iPhone screens aren't resistant to 10lb weights, I scheduled an appointment with Apple for 5pm the FOLLOWING DAY. I was recommended to bring it to iFixScreens and see if they could resolve my issue, and WOW did they deliver! 15 minutes later and I walked out with a fully repaired iPhone, for less than it would've cost me at Apple (and much earlier than Apple could've delivered)... Unless you have AppleCare or some deal where Apple might cover your repair (keep in mind your limited warranty does NOT cover cosmetic damage), I HIGHLY recommend using these guys!
James Arnone
14:04 24 Jun 18
Great place and great buisness. Would definitely come back
Charles Ferretti
17:40 30 Jun 18
Great place. Fixed a laptop in three days as opposed to another local repair shop which took two visits and six weeks to not fix it.
Sal DeLuca
16:45 08 Sep 18
Quick and easy service.. Great price and customer service.
Al Maisonet
22:38 08 Sep 18
Replaced my iphone screen and screen protector in less than 30 minutes. Did a great job!!!!
Chandler Horowitz
20:00 26 Sep 18
I drove from Long Beach to come get my daughter phone fix. They were very nice and the service was quick. Great prices. Values their customers.
Janice Gause
18:37 13 Oct 18
I highly recommend this place! I had my iPhone screen fixed with full of satisfaction. Very quick and professional service! Staff was very friendly! I will definitely come back!
YuWa Lam
20:55 17 Oct 18
Just had my son's battery and screen replaced. Quick service. Been coming here for all our phone needs for a while now.....
Michael Sgroi
20:08 19 Oct 18
Great service and super productive! Recommend!
jing wang
20:36 17 Oct 18
Speedy service and best price around
Victor Pena
00:57 23 Dec 18
Great,quick and reasonable service. I would recommend
Miqa Squad
19:19 31 Dec 18
Very good service fast and cheap
Lil' Kiwi
20:27 02 Jan 19
Quick and reliable service. Fixed my shattered screen in about 20 minutes for one of the best prices around.
Arin Forstadt
20:06 06 Jan 19
Awesome. Got my iPhone 6s battery replaced in about 10 minutes and my phone is good as new! Great place. Highly recommended!
Michael Scalisi
03:51 08 Jan 19
So quick and easy getting my glass replaced! Great price too!
Kianna Escobedo
18:22 08 Jan 19
Best ifix in town! They answered all my questions through the phone before coming in and the best part is, I was able to fix my phone that same day! The inside of the store is nice and cozy as well. I’m so glad I found a place that doesn’t rip people off! I’ll be returning!
Kristin Weinstein
22:20 12 Jan 19
Amazing quick service.The guy at the store fixed my phone with extreme accuracy in no time. I recommend this place to everyone for any of their phone needs.
Mark Jeren
10:49 14 Jan 19
He fixed it in 20 mins and made sure everything worked properly before I left. Definitely would recommend if you need a quick fix!
Allen Roner
10:35 14 Jan 19
This place is amazing. The gentleman's tech skills and knowledge are phenomenal. Came in with a broken phone which needed a battery replacement and walked out 10 minutes with a working phone. All service repair shops should look up to this place.
Jack Lemis
17:13 14 Jan 19
This place is amazing. The gentleman's tech skills and knowledge are phenomenal. Came in with a broken phone which needed a battery replacement and walked out 10 minutes with a working phone. All service repair shops should look up to this place.
jacobe K.darlef
07:45 21 Jan 19
These guys are great. They replaced my screen. They did it pretty quickly and it's like brand new again!
elisa krober
13:35 24 Jan 19
Excellent service, amazing prices, super nice person. I will definitely be back next time I need a phone or iPad repair. Thank you!
ali narmed
10:04 26 Jan 19
This is my first review. The reason I had to recommend Tin is because he did an outstanding job and i had great piece of mind letting him fix my broken screen on my iPhone 4. Thanks again man.
jenna martinez
08:04 30 Jan 19
This is my first review. The reason I had to recommend Tin is because he did an outstanding job and i had great piece of mind letting him fix my broken screen on my iPhone 4. Thanks again man.
Enna Velina
22:22 06 Feb 19
Excellent service, amazing prices, super nice person. I will definitely be back next time I need a phone or iPad repair. Thank you!
Jessie Aderben
10:05 05 Feb 19
Fast Professional and efficient service. Great prices too. Fixed my iPad 4 Screen in the same day. Would def use them again.
Mary Palazzolo
13:19 28 Mar 19
fixed my phone on the spot - great service - highly recommend
S Snyder
20:04 14 Apr 19
Excellent customer service. Fixed my macbook pro screen within 24hrs. Would definitely recommend.
Romell Hall
19:37 26 Apr 19
I know these technicians for many years, they always do good jobs I recommend them, they have a lot of potential and a lot of experience. I recommend them with many
02:45 01 May 19
Great customer service! she was very professional and fix my phone in less than 30 min. Great deals! i like
FI international Promotion manager
02:54 01 May 19
Excellent service! I'm absolutely happy with the customer service, very professional .. I recommend this place to anyone 100% !!
Funny grafic
02:50 01 May 19
Nice people and good service. Definitely coming back again for repairs when needed. Thanks.
nicolas campos savin
02:47 01 May 19
They fixed my computer in a very short time. They told me it would be a couple of hoursso I could go back for her.They already had my PC ready, thanks! They are the best.
Raymond Sean
21:54 01 May 19
There were so many important files on my computer that I needed to use as soon as possible.I arrived at this branch and was told that in a couple of hours I would be ready.Thanks to ifixscreens I was able to arrive at my work on time and my computer worked excellently.
Gabriel Swan
22:42 01 May 19
My computer needed a new antivirus because it had been accidentally restarted.One of the technicians installed a good antivirus!Now I can use my computer without fearing that it will crash
Dylan Cinero
03:24 02 May 19
was Very accurate and respectfully and thank him. He fixed my phone within 2 to 3 hours at Max in the same day. Glad I came here thank man
Andrew Dodson
00:34 03 May 19
Excellent location and location.The customer service is pleasant and very reliable. Always answer all your questions,I must add that they always have almost all you need for your iPhone or computerwhatever your computer and if they do not have it quickly they will get it.The prices are accessible and you always have that that will love.It is a pleasure to do business with you guys, I give them 5 stars.
Tamilee Swan
03:25 03 May 19
The repair of my cell phone was quick and without any hiccups they also gave meA 30-day guarantee in case the repair was not done correctly.The best thing was that I did not need to use it since the technician who repaired my cell phoneHe did an exceptional job.
Samantha Williams
02:36 03 May 19
Very good customer service and amazing staff! The repair process is very quick, easy, and reasonably priced! They treat every customer with the utmost respect and will fix your phone
Vardanryan Hrays
15:18 03 May 19
They fixed my phone quickly! I walked into the store with a cracked iPhone 8 back and walked out with a brand new back only a couple of hours later! Highly recommend.
Kimberly Woodhall
21:41 19 May 19
Great customer service. They recommended to not fix my unit due to the age. This is a plus in my book for their honesty.
Stoneman 13
14:07 04 Jun 19
My cell phone is essential for the job and if it fails my work can get out of control.A few weeks ago my cell phone started to fail so I came to this place.I explained that I needed the repair to be ready as quickly as possiblepossible and for my luck they adjusted the repair to the estimated time.Thank you!
Richard Mars
03:03 03 May 19
The service was very fast and I did not have to wait long for them to repair my cell phone.Now it works properly fine, thank you very much!
Mathew Brown
21:39 01 May 19
Fast service and very honest!
Tony Troiano
23:07 24 Jun 19
The guy there helped out my son quickly with his IPad problem and we left extremely satisfied.
Anthony Giorgianni
19:00 12 Jul 19
Billy was really nice and knowledgeable about what I needed. Great place!
Louis Pollenz
22:31 19 Jul 19
Jeff’s always great!
Seth Judge
18:46 11 Aug 19
I had a laptop that had not been working for years. When I took it in to Ifixscreens there was no charge for checking it out. He found the hard drive needed replacement . I was very happy with the results.
Samuel Rappaport
20:53 03 Sep 19
Absolutely best customer service. Quick and simple repairs at affordable prices !
Jay Sakaria
21:15 03 Sep 19
Fast, professional, quality service! Very pleasant experience. Thank you.
Robert Pennisi
23:31 10 Sep 19
Fantastic job fixing front iPhone 5s mic, various iPad screens, and batteries in both devices!
Thomas Shim
20:43 11 Sep 19
Diana Leon
22:55 08 Oct 19
This is an amazing place!! Great customer service and my tablet was fixed perfectly. I would definitely go back if I need any repairs in the future.
Tania Campbell
16:11 15 Oct 19
Thank goodness for this place. They fixed my screen in an emergency and didn't take advantage of how desperate I was. They are beyond reasonably priced, quick and very nice. I don't write reviews often but felt I need to with this place. I would and have already recommended them to others !!
Neda Djokic
18:56 29 Oct 19
Excellent service. Great guys with lots of experience! Wouldn't go anywhere else!
Stacy Jennings
09:43 06 Nov 19
Excellent place to get your screen fixed. My son constantly breaks his ipads screen. They fix it quick and cheap !! Always looks like new !! $40 cheaper than other places. I will be taking every device I own that breaks to this place !! A ++
MaCJaX88 .
03:25 05 Dec 19
Great store! Super friendly staff and the best deals on pre-owned iphones I’ve seen in a while. Will definitely go back!
Alessandro Profita
21:40 20 Dec 19
This business is quick to fix and guarantees their work. My wife brought her apple product back 5 months after they initially fixed and to both of our surprise she was not charged. Thank you
david alexander
20:51 15 Feb 20
Great service! In and out in 15 minutes!
Kenny Balling
23:41 12 Jun 20
I went in to have the battery changed Galaxy S7. Jeff was thorough and professional. Highly recommend for any repairs and services.
Gunter Villegas
19:58 22 Jun 20
Quick and professional and very reasonable price! Definitely recommend this place
Gina Park
22:26 24 Jun 20
Reasonable prices. Knowledgeable and quick service.
Dawn Napolitano
22:51 24 Jun 20
Great staff! nice clean office. ONE DAY REPAIR. I shopped for a better price but they were the lowest! Don't mail your phone to some company to be repaired, you will not get it back! Just bring it here!!
Anthony Dellasso
14:42 09 Jul 20
I’ve been coming to this location for few years and the guys here are awesome. Always knowledgeable and friendly. The prices for the service is comparable if not better than anywhere else. My most recent experience was today, my iPhone 11 Pro Max needed the front and rear glass repaired. Local shops did not even want to touch the phone because once you change the screen on the Pro Max, the phone gives you a warning that the screen was changed (even If you take the phone to Apple). Needless to say, in just a few days I have my phone back, like new and no warnings about the screen being replaced. A++++
Chris Sham
23:55 09 Jul 20
Merrick Location

Broken Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer? iFixScreens Merrick, New York offers iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, Smartphone Repair, Drone Repair, PC & Mac Repair Services. Our store carries a range of accessories and protection plans for your gadgets. We carry refurbished smartphones, tablets, and computers. Get prepaid wireless plans to save you money on your wireless bill, pay your bills and refill your prepaid plans with gadget repair experts at iFixScreens Merrick, New York. Come see us today! No Appointment is needed! Most repairs are completed on the spot.

If you don’t have the time to stop by, utilize our quick and convenient mail-in repair service to allow you to get your phone fixed without stopping by. All repairs feature an 180-day warranty on all parts and repairs and come with the iFixScreens guarantee of the most economical prices around for repairs and parts.

Merrick LocationMerrick LocationMerrick Location

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