6 Common Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Issues


The Kindle Fire tablet has been a success device for Amazon. It all started with the original Kindle Fire, but Amazon has upgraded and renovated its Android offerings since then. With its most current Fire tablets, Amazon has dropped the Kindle name altogether. User response is very positive, but still, problems may arise, whether you have a Kindle Fire new HDX or an old Kindle Fire HD. Below we have given some general issues and their possible solutions to help you out.

Fix Common Kindle Fire Issues:

Fix Kindle Fire Common issues

1 Kindle Battery Charging Problems:

Many users of Kindle Fire HD have complained of its charging and battery problems. Some devices fail to charge, while others charge slowly and don’t reach 100% charging.

  • Turn your device off and charge it for about 2 hours.
  • Try charging another Kindle device with your charger.
  • Check the charging light indicators, if it does not appear, push your USB cable further and gently. Some Kindle Fire HD is known to have loose USB ports, if it does – contact kindle fire battery replacement store and ask for a replacement.
  • Always use the charger cable that came with your Kindle device.

2. Kindle Startup Trouble:

Some Kindle users complain that the Amazon fire tablet screen turns on by itself. Also, the device normally freezes while I use it or won’t power on at all.

  • Hold the power button for about 20 seconds to reboot your device, then tap the power button to power it on. This should remove any bug on your device.
  • Like in the previous fix, after holding the power button for 20 seconds and your device is off, plug in your charger and power your device. If it fails to startup, probably, the battery is dead. In this case, leave it plugged in for one hour before pressing the power button.
  • If your device fails to startup after trying the above fix, there is a chance your cable or charger is faulty. Plug your device with another cable and charger.

3. Internal Error Message on Kindle Fire:

Kindle users have encountered errors while trying to use some applications.

  • Hold the power button on your device for 20 seconds to restart it, then, press the power button to turn it on.
  • Turn your router off for 10 seconds and turn it back on – to remove any network issues.
  • Check if your device date and time are correct.
  • Locate the application that caused the error, slide down from the top of your screen, select “More applications” then, and “Installed applications”. Tap “Force stop and “Clear data”.
  • De-register your device from “My account” and then register your device again.
  • If the issue persists, contact Kindle Fire Support on the official toll-free number.

4. Issues When Connecting Kindle to Computer:

You might encounter trouble connecting to your computer and move files. Messages like “device has stopped responding or disconnected” – pops up every time you encounter this problem.

  • Turn your device and computer off for about 30 seconds, then; turn them back on again to reset your device and computer.
  • Try using another USB cable and USB port to connect your device.
  • After trying the above fix and your device fails to connect, use Dropbox to transfer files between your device and PC.

5. Kindle Wi-Fi Connection Problem:

Your device may not recognize or connect to a Wi-Fi network because of many reasons.

  • Make sure your device Airplane mode is off, and Wi-Fi on.
  • Reboot your device as I showed you earlier.
  • Download the Wi-Fi analyzer to know how busy the Kindle channel in your area is.
  • Charge your device full, then, tap factory resets to wipe all data and files.

6. Kindle Fire Keeps Shutting Off:

  • The simplest solution to try is restarting the device. Hold the power button down for 20 secs – the Fire will turn off. Turn the device on again. This can help to solve.
  • Reset the device to factory settings. Go to Settings, Device Options, Reset to Factory Defaults, Reset. Resetting to factory default settings seems to cure many of the battery-related issues.
  • If your Kindle Fire keeps shutting off when running certain apps, the RAM may be full and the device may be shut off to try to “fix” the issue. Monitor your apps by RAM consumption. If you find a suspicious app try uninstalling it and see if the reboot issue comes back.
  • The issue may be caused by a faulty battery. The battery overheating makes the device turn itself off as a protective measure. Although Kindle Fires may become slightly warm to the touch during heavy processing, they should never get very hot. In this case, contact the Kindle repair store and request a replacement.
  • You may want to have a look at Amazon’s Troubleshooting guide for fixing similar issues – just go to Help > Device Support > then choose your Fire. There you will find guides for basic troubleshooting for the Fire Tablet and quick fixes for when the battery doesn’t charge, touch screen issues, Wi-Fi connection issues, etc.
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