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Issues With Samsung Galaxy S20 And Their Easy Fix

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung’s Top Line Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra are Flagship marvels of technology. But perfection is always Just a mile away, no matter how much you have gained. The same is the case with these masterpieces, and after spending a thousand dollars, you shouldn’t be getting these problems. But on the brighter side, these problems have an easy fix & even if you have any issues you can always get to us for Samsung Galaxy S20 repairs. Let’s go through all the issues with these phones and their quick fixes.

Key Takeaways:

  • common display issues on the Samsung Galaxy S20 and provides easy fixes.
  • It discusses problems related to touchscreen sensitivity and offers practical solutions.
  • Solutions for dealing with excessive battery drain on the Galaxy S20 are presented.
  • The article explores overheating issues and suggests ways to keep your device cool.
  • Solutions for network-related problems, such as Wi-Fi and mobile data issues, are discussed.
  • Common camera issues on the S20 are covered, along with fixes to improve camera performance.
  • The importance of keeping the device's software up to date and how it can resolve various issues is highlighted.
  • Tips for managing and optimizing storage on the Samsung Galaxy S20 are provided.

1. Samsung Galaxy S20’s Ever-changing refresh rate

120Hz is becoming standard and famous with heavy users like gamers, but it seems most of the apps are still playing catch on. Not every app supports that prime refresh rate, though. during this case, the phone adjusts and switches back and forth between 120Hz and 60Hz (if you’ve got 120Hz selected as default).

The refresh rate also switches to 60Hz, with the temperature exceeding 40 degrees Celsius (107.6 F). Similar may happen when taking many pictures, prolonged gaming sessions, and other processor-intensive activities or battery levels below 5%. Things will be fine once the temperature drops below that threshold or the battery gets above the edge.

Some have encountered an unfortunate bug also, where the switch doesn’t happen automatically.


The only solution is to travel into the display settings and manually set the refresh rate to 120Hz. A software update issued by Samsung addresses this problem, so confirm that you keep the phone updated.

2. Samsung galaxy S20 Wi-Fi issues

It seems as these devices are becoming slimmer and slimmer connectivity and heating issues are becoming rampant. Unfortunately, Galaxy S20 is not any different. We’ve seen customers complaining that their S20 Ultra has Wi-Fi connectivity issues, often failing to download webpages and content. However, the phone indicates that it’s connected to a Wi-Fi network. Updating to Android 11 seems to make this issue, while other users have noted it to the opposite phones within the S20 series.



One fix proposed is to travel to Settings > Location > Google Location Accuracy Off. Trying this has been solved mostly in this matter, although your best bet is to see a replacement software upgrade and download/install it.

3. Samsung galaxy S20 Green Tinted screen

The worst thing that can come in front of you in the darkroom on your mobile screen, apart from a horror movie ghost, is the green tint. It messes with the entire streaming experience and may spoil the mood. the matter seems most oppressing when the Display’s refresh rate is at 120Hz, and brightness drops below 30%. However, Samsung is having difficulty rolling out a patch to repair it in Updates.



In the meantime, the straightforward fix is to limit your screen’s refresh rate to 60Hz as a short-lived fix.

  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • Scroll right down to Display.
  • Select Motion Smoothness.
  • Select the lower 60Hz Refresh Rate.

4. Samsung galaxy S20 Random reboots

Quite a few users face a drag with their Galaxy S20s phones randomly restarting. In some cases, it is not that random and seems to occur periodically every five minutes. For others, this seems to happen whenever they plug or unplug wired headphones.


 Fix :

  • A recent app, especially one with an unauthorized source, could also be causing the difficulty. So try Uninstalling the recent app. Boot the phone into Safe Mode and check if the difficulty persists.
  • Software updates have fixed this problem for several. If you still see it, though, getting a replacement is perhaps the simplest option.
  • Go to Settings > Device care >Advanced and tap on Disable Auto Restart.

5. Samsung Galaxy S20’s Camera not autofocusing properly

Galaxy S20 camera Issues? You are not alone, but all you’ll need is maybe a quick update. from the start of the discharge, customers reported autofocus issues. Still, the corporate has now released an update.



  • Open the Settings app on your device
  • Scroll right down to Software update
  • Select Download and install
  • If a replacement update is out there, your device will obtain it.

6. Samsung Galaxy S20 Edge lighting doesn’t work properly.

It’s not prevalent, but you would possibly be the unfortunate one facing this issue; the sting of the screen doesn’t illuminate, needless to say, when a notification comes in, even with all the settings enabled.



  • Go to Settings,
  • look for Edge Lighting, and
  • Choose Apps.
  • Only the Messages app is chosen by default.
  • Undergo the list and pick the apps you would like to receive notifications for.
  • Try adjusting the Duration slider seems to work for a couple of users. If it’s set to max, change to a middle setting, and it should do the trick.
  • Few are seeing this problem because they’ve turned off animations within the Developer Options. If you’ve done so, set the animations to a minimum of 0.5x.
  • Try Edge Lighting+ Samsung Good Lock Suite or AODNotify downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, addressing common issues with the Samsung Galaxy S20 is essential for a seamless smartphone experience. Fortunately, many of these problems have straightforward solutions, making it easier for users to enjoy the full potential of their devices. Whether it's optimizing battery life, troubleshooting software glitches, or resolving hardware concerns, taking proactive steps to resolve these issues ensures that the Samsung Galaxy S20 remains a reliable and high-performance smartphone.

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