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Apple To Release Foldable iPad With Carbon Kickstand In 2024

Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that Apple could release a foldable iPad as soon as next year. Kuo believes this new device will be a hit among consumers and increase shipments, improving the product mix. He stated that the foldable iPad would boast a "carbon fiber" kickstand from Chinese manufacturer Anjie Technology.

This release date is earlier than previous predictions, with Display Supply Chain Consultant analyst Ross Young estimating that a foldable iPad/MacBook hybrid would not be available until 2026. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has reported that Apple is exploring a dual-screen foldable, with the bottom half of the display functioning as a virtual keyboard when used as a MacBook-style clamshell. Gurman has not specified a release date but noted that it could be later in the decade.

Apple To Release Foldable Ipad With Carbon Kickstand In 2024

Apple To Release Foldable iPad With Carbon Kickstand In 2024

Kuo had previously predicted a foldable iPhone would release in 2023, but there have been few recent rumors. He anticipates a drop in iPad shipments, ranging from 10 to 15 percent YoY, in 2023. As for the next iPad, Kuo believes it will be the iPad Mini, with a new model expected to enter production in early 2024.

Dynamic Viewing Experience From The New Folding iPad

Users can expect a unique and dynamic viewing experience from the new folding iPad, with a large flexible OLED display expected. The foldable design will allow for more screen real estate, making it an ideal choice for creative professionals, students, and anyone needing more screen space.
Kuo also mentions that the new iPad will likely have a new hinge mechanism, making it easier to open and close the device and better overall durability. The unique hinge mechanism will provide a more secure and stable folding mechanism, ensuring the widget stays intact despite repeated use.

In conclusion, with the folding iPad set to launch in 2024, users can expect a new and exciting form factor, a large and flexible OLED display, a new hinge mechanism for improved durability, and an overall enhanced user experience. Apple fans worldwide eagerly await to get their hands on the folding iPad, set to be the next big thing in the tablet market.

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