Tips For a Long Lasting Battery

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Tips for a long lasting battery

How to have a long lasting battery life? The battery is one of the most important components of any smart device. Having your phone dead is one of the situations that we all try to avoid all the time, especially if you’re out and can’t find a way of charging. However, the battery lifetime span is another major concern that not … Read More

How To Back Up Your Data on Android Devices

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backing up data on android

Back Up Your Android Devices Data One of the scariest nightmares for every mobile user is the fear of losing data. This can happen in many situations.  For example, maybe your phone gets stolen or damaged. Maybe you have to buy a new phone because your old one is broken or lost. So, there must be a way to make you … Read More

What is The Right Phone Screen Size?

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smartphone screen sizes

Screen size is one of the most important features that one has to choose carefully. There are many different devices in the market with different screen sizes. That leaves regular user in confusion trying to figure out which screen size will be suitable for him. In this article, we are trying to eliminate that confusion and help you decide which screen size … Read More

How To Stop App Notifications on Android

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I absolutely love my android device! Unfortunately I have many games and apps installed on my android device and receive tons of lame notifications to remind me to play or buy something. This is becoming a common practice for many application developers and it may be a tad bit annoying for many of us. Here are a few steps to … Read More

How To Reduce Mobile Data Consumption?

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reduce mobile data

How To Reduce Mobile Data Consumption? Here’s how to cut down your mobile data consumption in few simple steps. Mobile data (i.e. using 3G/4G networks) is fundamental to all smartphones users. Why else would you use a smartphone? However, mobile data bandwidth is not cheap. Many users accidentally exceed their monthly quota without making the best out of it. We’ll show … Read More

[Infographic] How To Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer?

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how to make your mobile battery last longer infographic

How To Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer? It’s very obvious that smartphone battery technologies are way lagging behind the increased need to consuming more power in mobile devices in general. Bigger screens and higher processing requirements are hungry for more power while technology can not support those increasing demands. Till battery technologies come with a better solution, the best … Read More