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PC Clean Up

Is your PC plagued by frequent crashes, freezing, performance issues, or other strange error messages?
If so, then there’s a good chance your computer has been infected with malware. Malware can wreak havoc on your computer, so if you suspect your PC has become infected, stop by for our PC Malware Removal Service. We will remove all traces of malware from your PC, ensuring your computer functions like normal again.
At iFixScreens, diagnostic exams are always free – so it doesn’t cost anything to have us check your system for signs of malware infection. Stop in to your local iFixScreens to get started.
*While iFixScreens makes every attempt to protect your data, there is no guarantee that all data will be able to be preserved. Some malware can be so severe that a full erase and install of the hard drive and operating system is required. We always recommend performing a backup of all important user data and applications before bringing your device in.

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