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Common Problems In Ps4

In this article, we will discuss the five most common problems in ps4 and their solution. Every technological device has one or many loopholes because nothing is complete or perfect. Especially when it comes to technology, it is an ever-developing and growing field. Loopholes in one device give vent to the launch of another device that is somehow more concentrating on its lacunas.

First Most Common Problem in PS4 – BAD HDMI PORT

Bad HDMI ports are one of the problems found in the first few models of ps4. It resists the display on the TV through white light is ON. However, sometimes there can be a problem with an integrated circuit chip – IC chip.


This problem can be solved by;

  • Replacing the HDMI port
  • Replacing the faulty HDMI cables
  • Repairing the IC chip

# Fix Problems in PS4

Second Most Common Problem in PS 4 – BLINKING BLUE LIGHT

Almost all the PS4s can face this problem, even the newer ones. This happens because APU i.e. accelerated processing unit chip, undergoes problem.

However, there can be a problem with the clamping of APU. PS4 Slim and PS4 PRO are not prone to this problem, but they can also face it very often. It is the most difficult of all problems that PS4 can face. 

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The fix for such problems sometimes becomes difficult. Some of them are not fixable at all. However, in most cases where you have older model washers under APU can help in clamping it.

# Fix Problems in PS4

Third Most Common Problem in PS4 – DISC DRIVE PROBLEMS

It is the most common problem in all ps4s. Many ps4s with mishandling are vulnerable to disc drive problems. Most of the time, the problem is with the rollers. They are popping out of place because of pulling out the disc quickly.

Furthermore, there can also be a problem with the laser lens. Sometimes it is not able to read the discs. However, the dirt in the disc drive can also be a cause of problems.


This problem has the following solutions;

  • Replacing the disc drive of ps4
  • Clean the disc drive of ps4 thoroughly.
  • Fixing the laser lens problem
  • Fixing the rollers of the disc drive

# Fix Problems in PS4

Fourth Most Common Problems in PS4 – OVERHEATING ISSUES

Many ps4 have overheating problems. There are two main reasons for this;

  • Either these ps4s have faulty fans or
  • They need to be cleaned

Moreover, there can also be a problem with the thermal paste of these devices.


This problem can be fixed;

  • By replacing the faulty fans
  • Cleaning the ps4 internally
  • Replacing the thermal paste

# Fix Problems in PS4

Fifth Most Common Problems in PS4 – PS4 AND COCKROACHES

This is a very common problem in the Southern U.S. These sleek bodies PS4s are perfect places for the cockroaches to live, grow, and reproduce. Bug-infested devices are not included in the warranty. Therefore, Sony does not take responsibility for fixing them. 


The best solution for this problem is to protect your ps4 from cockroaches through these methods;

  • Place your PS4 at height as cockroaches cannot access it there.
  • Use pest control spray.
  • Keep your ps4 covered in some boxes.
  • Clean your ps4 regularly.

# Fix Problems in PS4

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