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How To Fix Your Nintendo Switch Drifting Joy-Con Joystick

We all know Nintendo has a reputation for durable hardware, but the fame of the Nintendo Switch has highlighted how even those wizards from Kyoto don’t always hit the mark. A growing issue, especially among long-term Switch players, is Joy-Con analog sticks registering movement even if you don’t touch your controller.

Fix Your Nintendo Switch Drifting Joy-Con Joystick

What is Joy-Con drift?

When your Nintendo Switch registers analog stick movements you aren’t making, it’s called drift. You might notice that your character in a game is slowly strolling to one side even if you don’t touch the controller, that your Smash Bros attacks don’t seem to match your inputs or those games where your analogue stick controls a ‘mouse’ have the cursor slowly wafting off the side of the screen even without touching it.

What causes Nintendo Switch Joy-con drift?

The most common reason is that your Joy-Cons accumulate dust and grime over time, which gets beneath the analog sticks and the sensors within the controller to disrupt how accurately your controller reads your inputs. The left Joy-Con is often reported as drifting the most, simply because it is the one most often used to direct characters in games. However, both Joy-Cons can suffer from drift.

More recent insight into this topic from a player with an engineering background, however, reveals that the components Nintendo uses in Joy-Cons might be to blame. Graphite used in the contacts that detect your inputs gradually gets worn down, moving against harder metal prongs inside the Joy-Con. Frustratingly, that’s an inherent design flaw, implying that any of the current models of Joy-Con will likely develop drifting problems sooner or later.

How to fix the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift

  • Try to Re-calibrate Your Joy-Con

While the hardware flaw itself has nothing to try to do with calibration, a mis calibrated stick can still cause drift—so it never hurts to re-calibrate the controller first, just in case. It’s fast, free, and doesn’t require fixing any hardware.

Try To Recalibrate Your Joy-Con

  • Contact Nintendo If Your Switch Is Still Under Warranty

If your Switch remains under its one-year warranty, the best decision is to contact Nintendo directly and get them to replace the faulty Joy-Con free of charge. Of course, this is easier said than done, as dealing with warranty claims isn’t all that appropriate. You’ll likely have to pay to ship the Joy-Con to Nintendo, and you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to receive a replacement. Even for the new players, this can be unacceptable.

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  • Try Cleaning Dust Out of Your Joy-Con

If you’re ready for it, you can disassemble your Joy-Con and clean off any dust or debris that makes its way into the joystick assembly.

  • Left Joy-Con Analog Stick Replacement

Replacing the analog stick on the left Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch. This repair fixes the disreputable “joy-con drift” issue. However, cleaning the contact pads is just a temporary fix, as the pads wear down over time, which is likely the offender of the drifting problem. So if you want your repair to last longer, you’ll need to replace the entire joystick assembly.

  • Replace the Joystick Entirely

It’s not the most ideal solution, but replacing the joystick assembly is your best decision if you want a properly-working Joy-Con again. (At least until it fails the next time.)

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