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9 Must Have Drone Accessories For DJI Phantom 3

Having the right accessories for your drone can make or break your flying experience.

If DJI had a drone model that can be considered iconic and that perfectly represented who they are as a company, it would have to be the Phantom drones. DJI does a great job of providing everything you need to fly your Phantom 3 out-of-the-box. But these must-have drone accessories are well worth the modest investment and will take your safety, fun, and efficiency to the next level in no time.

Must Have DJI Phantom 3 Accessories:

Key Takeaways

  • Discover essential accessories to enhance your DJI Phantom 3 drone experience.
  • Elevate your aerial photography with top-rated DJI Phantom 3 drone accessories.
  • Explore a range of accessories that boost performance and functionality for your drone.
  • Enhance flight safety and stability with recommended DJI Phantom 3 accessories.
  • Maximize your drone's capabilities with must-have DJI Phantom 3 add-ons.
  • Get the most from your DJI Phantom 3 drone by equipping it with these quality accessories.
  • Find the perfect accessories to customize and optimize your DJI Phantom 3 for any flight scenario.

Prop Guards:

Having prop guards will mitigate any damage taken to your drone, especially to the propellers themselves. The condition of your drones’ propellers is extremely important, as even a minor defect can cause an issue to occur.

An additional advantage is an increase in visibility for orientation. Having red prop-guards on the front with white prop-guards on the rear makes it much easier for the pilot to determine which end is forward.
Always make sure that your prop-guards are installed securely before taking off so that they do not come loose in flight, strike a propeller they were meant to protect, and cause a crash.

Battery Charging Dock:

Most pilots tend to have a number of batteries for their drones and need a way of quickly and efficiently charging them up. This is where a battery charging dock comes in.

Having more than 3 batteries on hand essentially means that having typical charging cords will not be good enough. For the quick and effective charging of multiple P3 Intelligent Batteries, your best solution is to get the Battery Charging Dock. The dock accommodates up to 4 batteries at a time. It also comes with a smart charging feature that charges the batteries in sequence, with the battery having the most charge being prioritized. Remember to always charge your batteries in a safe location away from flammable materials, and do not to leave them unattended during charging.

Mobile Device Sun-Shade:

Flying your drone in the sun is a great way to spend your time; it allows you to capture some awesome footage whilst also getting a bit of a tan. Unfortunately, bright sunlight does cause some problems for us drone pilots. A sunshade is especially important if you’re piloting your drone with a tablet or phone, as they tend to get a lot of sun stare

If you’re looking to capture some stunning aerial imagery, then a sunshade is one of the best DJI Phantom 3 accessories for you.

They allow you to have a clear and undisturbed view of the live feedback being displayed on your devices screen.

Landing Gear Extensions:

The landing gear is one of the best accessories for the DJI Phantom 3.

These do a great job of keeping the landing gear out of the camera’s view while in flight, but can allow the drone to tip while landing, especially if the wind is blowing at your landing site, or landing on uneven terrain. For a new pilot, they can provide a more stable landing while learning and prevent a tip-over crash.

These DJI Phantom 3 landing gear stabilizers are designed for quick installation, being able to easily snap on and off whenever you please.

Transmitter Labels:

Learning to fly a drone can be a long and irresistible process for newbies. Aside from developing excellent hand-eye coordination, a new drone pilot needs to figure out which button and joystick on the controller do what.

The sticker set includes labels for each button and joystick, reminders for which mode to use for every situation, and a tag for the owner’s name and contact number. These are a ridiculously cheap and an invaluable DJI Phantom 3 Accessory for anyone looking to learn how to pilot their drone.

Camera Filters:

Professional photographers and videographers know that even though your lens does most of the work of capturing the image, filters can be just as important for that perfect shot. They may reduce glare, allow the camera to slow the video shutter speed for a more cinematic video, or increase photo contrast.

Camera filters are definitely one of the best Phantom 3 accessories for both filmmakers and photographers alike.

DJI Phantom 3 Signal Boosters:

The radio signal technology used by DJI is phenomenal. But due to WIFI devices, it is possible to sometimes get a fuzzy video signal at times. This can cause your displayed video image to lag, freeze, or lose connection completely.

Having a signal booster not only increases your drones maximum range but allows for a much more stable connection between the drone and the live feed displayed on your device. This should allow you to fly the drone with more accuracy and therefore deliver great looking shots. When you’re using the signal boosters, have the antenna facing in the general direction of your drone, the same as you would with the regular antenna.

Transmitter Strap Or Harness:

It takes at least 2 hands to hold on to the Phantom 3 remote controller, meaning that you cannot be pre-occupied with other things while soaring the drone. There is also the fact that holding on the controller for hours on end can be very fatiguing. Fortunately, this lanyard and harness combination allows you to leave the remote controller dangling from your neck and shoulders, leaving your hands free to take care of other things.

For long flights, DJI also offers a harness that works very well and distributes the weight of the transmitter to your shoulders and back rather than your neck. I have added a few extra straps to mine that attach to the sides of the sun-shade with Velcro that allows me to use my mobile device easily without having to constantly hold the transmitter.

Upgraded Device Bracket:

The Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional models provide a great mobile device holder to install on your transmitter. However, many Phantom 3 pilots have found that the plastic bracket that comes with the drone wobbles when using a larger device such as a 7” or larger tablet. An easy solution is to buy the metal version designed for the Inspire 1 transmitter.

Final Thought:

In conclusion, enhancing your DJI Phantom 3 drone experience with the right accessories can significantly elevate your aerial adventures. From extended flight times to improved stability and enhanced photography capabilities, the range of accessories available opens up new horizons for drone enthusiasts. Whether you're aiming for professional photography or simply seeking to expand your drone's capabilities, investing in these accessories can provide you with the tools you need for a more versatile and fulfilling drone flying experience. Embrace the possibilities, choose the accessories that suit your needs, and take your DJI Phantom 3 drone flights to new heights.

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