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How To: Enable Emoji On Your iDevice | IFixScreens

Learn How To Enable Emoji Icons On Your iDevice With iFixScreens 6 Simple Steps!

Emoji Icons Are Smiley Faces That Helps You Interact Your Feelings Without Having To Actually Say What Your Feeling.

When using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod you come to realize you want to have more Emoji icons. Well, iOS offers hundreds of different Emoji's the trick is to just enable it! Let iFixScreens show you the step by step instructions in order to enable this option.

Enable Emoji

Step One: Enable Emoji

First, Go into Settings located on your Home Screen.

Step Two: Enable Emoji

Second, Tap on General Settings.

Step Three: Enable Emoji

Third, Tap on Keyboard in General Settings.

Step Four: Enable Emoji

Fourth, Select Keyboards in Keyboard Settings.

Step Five: Enable Emoji                                                                                                                                                                       

Fifth, Select Add New Keyboards.

Step Six: Enable Emoji

Finally, Select Emoji from the list and your done!

Once your done to try it out go into your messages and you will find on the bottom left of the keyboard a new globe icon. When you tap on the globe icon your Emoji keyboard will appear with all the new emotions!

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