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Highest Sold Apple Product

Apple is designing and manufacturing many products today, including the iPhone, Air Pods, MAC, iPads, and other major accessories. But, which among these is the highest sold Apple product to date?

According to a report by Statista, the highest sold Apple product is the iPhone. Apple has sold around 1.5 billion units of the iPhone worldwide until now. 

Apart from that, AirPods are the second-best-selling Apple product within its two years of launch.

Let’s move further and see why iPhones are the most popular products of Apple.

What makes the iPhone the highest sold Apple product till date?

Best Selling Product Of Apple

With a market capitalization of US$2 Trillion, Apple is one of the most valuable publicly traded companies in the world today. However, some reasons have enabled Apple to rise and grow in the international market.

iPhone being its most popular product, innovation plays a major role in the manufacturing and then delivering it to the customers. 

Besides, Apple’s commitment to quality makes its products so valuable, giving it an edge to capture the market easily with high-profit margins. 

The market share of Apple’s smartphones in the U.S has increased from 39% in 2019 to 46% in 2020, all because of all the above-mentioned reasons.

Some other key reasons like wireless charging, facial recognition, and fingerprint sensors in the iPhones made Apple’s breakthrough in the world of technology.

Which is the Best Selling product of Apple in 2020?

The best-selling product in 2020 among all the elite products of Apple is the iPhone 11. There are some major reasons behind this. With its reasonable price tag of $699, iPhone 11 provides you all the perks of an expensive smartphone in today’s Era. For example:
  • Dual camera at the back
  • Extremely fast processor
  • Crisp LCD Display screen
  • Wireless charging
  • Better Battery life
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Face ID
And much more…

Which Countries Buy Most iPhones in the World?

Talking about the market capture and sales, the U.S stands at number one in the world as the most important market for the Apple iPhone. About 36% of the company’s sales are done in the U.S and this is increasing day by day. Moreover, according to Statista, 46% of the smartphones in the U.S are iPhones.

Coming to number second, around 22% of iPhones are sold in Europe. People around Europe have a strong sense of trust in Apple when it comes to investing in the smartphone. Moreover, the U.K has been a consistently strong market for Apple’s iPhones. This all is just because they find the iPhone as a quality product that gives the best value for their money. 

Standing in the third number, China accounted for 17% of the total iPhone sales in the World. Unlike Europe and America, the demand for Apple iPhone in China is growing at a very rapid pace and it may overtake these two in the very near future. Moreover, the Chinese are planning to develop 25 new Apple stores all over the country to meet up the demands of its people.

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