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How To Get Your iPhone Ready For Repair?

An Apple iPhone is one of the strongest mobile devices and rarely requires repairs or maintenance, aside from the battery which you will necessarily wear out after some years of intensive usage. The process of getting help from Apple or any iPhone repair service is usually lacking complications. To help you in this process, we have compiled a guide on how to send in your iPhone for repairs, what kind of iPhone repair preparations you should take, and how to get help when your iPhone is broken.

To protect your information and save time, follow these steps before getting your device’s service.

Iphone Repair

How To Get Your iPhone Ready For Service (In-Store):

  • Backup your device to either iCloud or iTunes.
  • Turn off Find My iPhone by opening Settings, selecting iCloud, tapping Find my iPhone, and toggling it off. You’ll need to enter your Apple ID to Turn it Off.
  • Make sure you have your Apple ID password handy; the technicians may not be able to service your device without it.
  • If you still have your sales receipt, take that with you to the store as well.

Since you won’t be leaving your device at the store, this is what you must do most. The iPhone will be within your reach, and your information won’t be in danger. This simply gets it ready for the technicians that will help you. If you plan to send your device off, that’s a very different story.

Transfer data from old iOS device to new iPhone

How To Get Your iPhone Ready For Service (Send-Out):

  • If your iPhone is paired with an Apple Watch, unpair them. When you do so, your iPhone will automatically create a backup of your Apple Watch.
  • Backup your device to either iCloud or iTunes.
  • Turn off Messages: open Settings, tap Messages, and toggle off iMessage.
  • Disable Find My iPhone by opening Settings, selecting iCloud, tapping Find my iPhone, and toggling it off. You’ll need to enter your Apple ID to do so.
  • Erase your device. This is why having a backup is so important. To clear your iPhone, open Settings, tap General, select Reset, and choose to Erase All Content and Settings. You’ll need to enter your Apple to confirm.
  • Remove your screen protector, case, and all other accessories. If you have a SIM card, remove that as well.

How To Backup Using iTunes

To back up the content on your iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your computer has the latest version of iTunes.

  2. Connect your iOS device to your computer.

  3. Choose File > Devices > Backup.

If you’re using iTunes 10.7 or earlier, right-click the device from the list and choose Backup Now.

You can also back up by syncing your iOS device with your computer. When you use iTunes to sync, backing up is the first step.

To verify that the backup finished successfully, open iTunes Preferences and select the Devices tab. You’ll see the name of the device along with the date and time iTunes created the backup.

How To Backup To iCloud

iCloud Backup provides an easy and reliable backup solution for customers who want to back up their iOS devices wirelessly and automatically.

If you’re using iCloud, it can automatically back up your data if you’ve chosen this option. You can verify your iCloud backup and make sure that it’s up to date by following these steps:

  1. Tap Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.

  2. Turn on iCloud Backup if it’s off.

  3. Tap Back Up Now.

Erase All Content and Settings:

Go to Settings > General > Reset, then tap Erase All Content and Settings.

  • This will completely erase your device and turn off iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, Game Center, and other services.
  • If you’re using iOS 7 or later and have find my iPhone turned on, your Apple ID and password will be required. After you provide your password, the device will be erased and removed from your account so that the next owner can activate it.
  • If you’re using iCloud and Find My iPhone on the device, you can erase the device remotely and remove it from your account by signing in to icloud.com/find, selecting the device, and clicking Erase. When the device has been erased, click Remove from Account.

Now your device is ready to send. If you arranged a repair request, you should have received instructions on how to mail in to your device. If you didn’t get instructions or you haven’t set up a repair request, contact iFixScreens.

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