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6 Common iPhone X problems and how to fix them

The iPhone X offers a super-quality user experience, but some common issues revolving around this flagship smartphone have left most users furious. This blog will highlight some common iPhone X problems and how to fix them. The iPhone X seems to be the best handset every customer can’t miss buying. But in reality, this Apple smartphone has been hit with several bugs or software problems that have left the majority of its user entirely infuriated. According to customers’ experience and feedback in most forums, the iPhone X began with the inability to receive incoming calls. Later on, the problem mutated to include other issues such as face detection problems, iPhone X screen issues, and abnormal battery drain, among others.

Let’s go through these common iPhone X problems and see how we can fix each one of them.

Common iPhone X problems and how to fix them

Fix Iphone X Common Problems

1. Unresponsive screen in cold temperatures:

The problem that most iPhone X users have faced is temporary screen unresponsiveness when temperatures suddenly drop. Although this problem doesn’t last long, most users have expressed disappointment in various forums such as Reddit. The best thing about it is that Apple is fully aware of the problem and has released a software upgrade to fix it.

To solve this problem,;

  • Try to restart your iPhone X.
  • Or you can upgrade latest iOS update.

2. Screen burn-in:

One problem that tends to affect most OLED screens is screen burn-in. Since the iPhone X uses an OLED touch-screen, this smartphone is automatically prone to this issue. In fact, after its release, Apple warned customers that there would be a likeliness of experiencing this problem at a time in life. What happens is that an image will tend to leave a print on the display when the screen is left ON for a long time.


Since this issue is quite annoying, especially when you’re watching a movie, you can solve it by;

  • Reducing the brightness on your screen by opening the control center and then adjusting the brightness.
  • Turning on the Auto-Lock feature by opening Settings>>Display and Brightness>>Auto-Lock.


3. Battery drain issue:

We all know that iPhone smartphone are likely to have an abnormal battery drain, right? Although this might be the case, most iPhone enthusiasts did not think they would be facing this problem with the latest iPhone X model, especially due to its large battery and the brilliant A11 chip. However, this issue has become a real problem for this flagship smartphone, which leaves most users with more questions than answers. To solve the battery problem, simply;

  • Try a software update to the latest version of iOS.
  • Diagnose the problem by checking those apps consuming too much power. You can either delete them or upgrade them.
  • Turn on Lower Power Mode. To do this, simply open Settings>>Battery>>turn ON Lower Power Mode.

After trying the above solution still having issues with the iPhone X battery? Visit iPhone repair near you.

4. Face ID issues:

Among the few security options that iPhone X uses is the Facial recognition system. According to most users, this security feature is sometimes unresponsive or fails to detect your face. According to other users, this feature can pose a security problem as it’s quite easy to avoid in one way or another. For instance, someone might use your photo to unlock your iPhone X or force you to use this feature to unlock your Smartphone and compromise your Apple Pay account.

If your Face ID feature is unresponsive, simply;

  • Clean the front camera and the sensor.
  • Hold your phone 20 to 30 inches away from your face and actively stare at the camera.
  • Make sure you’re standing in a well-lit room.


5. Sound issues:

Another complaint that has been sent by a large number of iPhone X users is sound issues. Some people state that their iPhones can’t deliver any sound, while others complain of crackling sounds when the volume is high. In either case, it’s likely that this problem might be software or hardware-related. If the problem is a crackling sound on the speakers, simply;

  • Turn off your iPhone X by holding the power button.
  • If this doesn’t help, try performing a hard reset. Here, you’ll need to press the Volume Up, the Volume Down. Finally, press the side button until you see an Apple logo. Allow the phone to reboot itself.
  • If the problem persists, try checking whether there are dirt particles on the speakers. If there are none, try to switch off the Bluetooth and on again.
  • If the above options fail, try to upgrade your iPhone X to the latest iOS upgrade.


6. Phone not charging wirelessly:

Another issue that has raised eyebrows is the wireless charger which fails to charge at times. The charger might be charging slowly or maybe a notification message “wireless charging paused” keeps popping up when charging is in progress. In either way, this issue can be resolved by;

  • Make sure the case is plugged in.
  • Make sure the charging pad is clean and free of dirt.
  • If your charger is a third party, make sure it’s certified by Apple.


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