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How We Are Using Our Internet In 2015

We are very attached to our Smartphone & Tablets a lot, and now with the availability of 3G and 4G network. As some sources at Customer Think  mentioned that the mobile addicts doubled, as recent studies shows that there is an enormous increase in using the internet via Smartphone and tablets than desktop and laptops, the latest 2015 statistic shows the following:

33% of internet users are using the internet from their Smartphone (Mobile), 30% from the laptop, 19% using internet on their tablets, 14% from desktop which decreases dramatically in the past 3 years. This is info graphic that shows you the percentage of using internet on all devices in the year of 2015.

How We Are Using Our Internet In 2015


Being able to get access to the internet wherever and whenever you want, made Smartphone the most internet using device in the world.  If you broke your mobile screen and need to replace and repair it, visit any of "iFixScreens Locations", and your internet life would be back in no time!

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