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MacBook M1 Air New Found Issues

So we know the Macbook M1 Air with M1 processor is a revolution. This low power 5 nm chip has created ripples in the computing world and will change the face of computing in the years to come. BUT, it's not without its issues. Some of which may be a dealbreaker for you.

Macbook M1 Air New Found Issues

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USB Transfer Speed

USB transfer speeds are inconsistent on the new Macs. It has different speed when on a low battery and when connected to the mains. A good thunderbolt dock, such as the Caldigit TS3 Plus, largely does away with this issue, but this is still concerning for someone who is always on the move and needs to do many file transfers seeing the limited memory in MacBook air.

Secondary Screen And Its Issues With The Refresh Rate

The second issue is to do the refresh rates you get with external displays via a USB C connection. We all know that the M1 Macs cannot run two external displays natively, although workarounds are emerging for this. But what is more concerning is that if you have a nice 4K external display that is supposed to refresh

at 60 Hz when connected to the MacBook via USB C, it only does so at 30Hz. The latest Big Sur update, 11.1, was supposed to fix the issue and has done some displays but not all. This is limited to M1 Macs exclusively, and people with Intel MacBooks have reported facing this issue after having updated Big Sur. Also, not all external displays are affected, and depending on the make of your

external display, this may or may not be an issue. But since many people rely on these machines for professional use. It is upsetting to see that a feature as fundamental as this is not working as intended from day one!

Performance Issues

Now let's talk of performance issues, and this may surprise some people as that was exactly the area where these Macs are supposed to excel. And they do for the most part. We've all seen and heard about their fast burst performance and the speed at which they

wake up and open apps. 

In Final Cut Pro, the M1 Macbook Air struggles a LOT. It skips frames occasionally, and if you add a transition, it will slow down so much that it can become frustrating. And what's more concerning is

that even on better performance mode, the Mac still struggles. You can juggle various settings such as better performance, better quality or even proxy and the Mac still struggles

with many stuttering and performance issues. If you leave it for a while and allow it to render in the background, it is better. However, you would be happy to know that macbook pro was performing better in this, so probably a fan must be paying for its price.

In terms of RAM, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that most people will not feel a lack of RAM, even with the 8GB version. However, if you run programs like CleanmyMac, you will always run into notifications about the lack of RAM. Also, surprisingly, We found out that Mac will kill static web pages in the background if you leave them long enough. 

But, for the most part, it handles RAM management very well, and the use of the swap file combined with the extremely fast SSDs means this will be an issue for very few people, if at all. But if you're concerned even slightly about this or are you looking to keep your computer for a long time, make sure you spec up the MacBook Air or Mac Mini or MacBook Pro to 16 GB of RAM.


I've also had lots of Internet connectivity issues with this MacBook Air, and this is with the latest 11.1 updates of macOS big Sur. So once the Internet stops working, the Wi-Fi will not provide any connectivity at all, and the only solution

is to restart the MacBook completely. I faced this issue more than once for this to be an

isolated case. Again this should not happen given that these machines are equipped with Wi-Fi 6. And this was one of the USP for them.

Now besides these issues, the other issues are to do with compatibility with plug-ins and software. If you use many plug-ins for programs like Final Cut Pro, you will find that many legacy plug-ins have not been updated yet to work with the new M1 Macs. And to be frank enough, that was expected as apple too is making a transition from intel to M1 and believe us, it will be much better in the future.

Also, the good news is that most of these issues are software-related. Sooner or later, these issues will be fixed, so if you go ahead into the purchase with this understanding, you will have a very

pleasant experience with these machines. However, we would suggest you wait for the 14/16 inch MacBook M1 pro releasing 3 or 4 quarter this year. The New M1X would be a much-improved version and if you want to read more, then check out 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some common issues reported with MacBook M1 Air?

A: Some common issues reported with MacBook M1 Air include software glitches, display problems, keyboard malfunctions, and battery-related concerns.

Q: How can I troubleshoot software glitches on my MacBook M1 Air?

You can troubleshoot software glitches by checking for system updates, performing a restart, or seeking assistance from Apple's support resources.

Q: What should I do if I encounter display problems on my MacBook M1 Air?

A: If you encounter display problems, try adjusting display settings, connecting to an external monitor, or contacting Apple's customer support for guidance.

Q: How can I address keyboard malfunctions on my MacBook M1 Air?

A: To address keyboard malfunctions, clean the keyboard, check for physical damage, and consider reaching out to Apple for repair or replacement options.

Q: What steps can I take to resolve battery-related concerns with my MacBook M1 Air?

A: To resolve battery-related concerns, check your battery usage, reduce background processes, and review power settings. If problems persist, consult Apple's support resources.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, being aware of the new-found issues with the MacBook M1 Air is crucial for users to make informed decisions and troubleshoot potential problems effectively. Our blog sheds light on these challenges, providing valuable insights and expert recommendations to overcome them. With this knowledge, users can ensure the optimal performance and longevity of their MacBook M1 Air devices. Stay proactive, stay informed, and trust in our expertise to help you navigate any issues that may arise with your MacBook M1 Air, ensuring a smooth and seamless computing experience.

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