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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Glass Replacement

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samsung galaxy s10 5g glass

​Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Glass Replacement

The recent Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is known for its advanced features. It is powered by a 1.9GHz octa-core Samsung Exynos 9820 processor which bring users to a high level experience. It is surely the best choice for people who love to spend time watching quality videos and graphic games. It is made possible by its 6.7-inch quad high-def display.

But what if your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G crashes on the floor and breaks its screen? Is it a good bye now to the high-technology experience? NO! iFixScreens got your back and will keep your mobile experience the same with its quality glass replacement.

A Broken Phone Glass Will Make You Miss these things:


The number one from the list is the level of productivity. A broken glass may cause your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G to malfunction at some points. It hinders you to do what you want to do. Users, especially gamers will get a hard time winning games when the phone’s touch function has been damaged.


The outer glass of your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G serves as the primary protection for its sensitive parts like the LCD. Outside elements like dusts and liquids may enter your phone from its broken glasses and eventually affect its performance.

Distraction-free Experience

Traces of broken glass from your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G are distracting and bring users away from their focus. Some details may look unnoticeable sometimes when placed along these traces. Multiple scrolling is time-consuming for the users especially when reading from the screen.

Prevention from Harmful Radiation Exposure

Phone radiation has known to be carcinogenic or has the ability to cause cancer to humans when they get exposed to it frequently. As stated by the research experts, mobile phones with advanced technology like Samsung Galaxy S10 5G release radiation particles while being used. Mobile phones’ outer glass serves two-way protection from its sensitive parts up to its own users. Thus, when it gets broken, the exposure of its user to radiation will surely increase.

Road Safety

Since it is equipped with high-tech LTE connectivity, users used to be dependent on it when they are travelling. The use of GPS is certainly a great help for everyone especially when they are heading to unknown places. But broken phone glass may be quite distractive towards the driver and may interpret the broken traces as part of the map guide. Driver may get unaware with these unnecessary lines and may increase the chance to get himself to road accident.

Smooth Performance

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G brings the users with advanced mobile experience with its smooth performance. But when the outer glass is accidentally damaged, it affects the overall performance because its touch function is highly sensitive. Users may encounter difficulty in touching and clicking some parts along the broken traces. Moreover, these traces from the broken glass may splinter the finger especially when the screen is hardly touched.

Professional Look

Normally, potential buyers are attracted to buying mobile phones with decent design. It is known for having a professional look and color but with a broken glass, it devalues the look resulting to be insightful to others. A broken phone glass decreases the value of your mobile phones. Moreover, a single broken stroke may eventually turn into bigger cracks when not immediately fixed until the screen completely shatters.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is one of the greatest mobile phones of our generation. Do not let your high-tech and advanced mobile phone experiences miss a thing with a broken screen. Visit iFixScreens for immediate and quality glass and LCD replacement. Go to our iFixScreens store near you today!

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