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2020-21 have been the worst period of humankind and have resulted in many of us locked in our homes for almost everything, be it work or routine life. We all have been forced to stay put. However, gaming consoles couldn’t come at a better time than this. Many experts suggest that playing Online games can save you from depression and anxiety. And playing in groups with your friends can be a great way to socialize too.

So for the same reason, We will look at the top five Best Gaming Consoles available on the market today. We made this list based on our own opinion, research, and customer reviews. We’ve considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible. So, here are the

Top Five Best Gaming Consoles 2021

Our Fifth Best Gaming Console

Xbox Series S

Top Five Best Gaming Consoles 2021

Xbox collection S is a wonderful next-generation gaming system that arrives in an attractive package. It’s four teraflop Pictures processing units, 10 GB of memory, and 512 GB of internal storage capacity. Moreover, it supplies a high-resolution resolution with 1440 pixels and supports a refresh rate of up to 120 frames per minute. It is 10.8 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 2.5 inches in height, and weighs 4.25 pounds.

The Xbox elastic controller is very trendy and smoothly functional. Its two AA batteries are both reliable and durable. In addition, the controller includes a D-pad and a small button in the middle of this gamepad. It’s also robust and light to offer a smooth gaming experience. Xbox collection S has multiple connectivity interfaces that supply you with a secure connection to a TV or any screen projector. It’s an Ethernet port, HDMI 2.1, two USB 3.1 ports along with a Bluetooth pairing button, and a Seagate extension card, and the power cable.

You may also install the Xbox mobile app and connect with the gaming console to your mobile. You can play incredible games with your friends or challenge them on Xbox Live, the fastest gaming system. With Xbox collection S, it is possible to watch your favorite TV shows and films using 4k streaming through Netflix and YouTube apps.


  • Xbox Series S has a compact design.
  • It provides high-quality performance in-game.
  • Its backward compatibility offers a huge library of games.


  • It has limited storage capacity.
  • In addition, it doesn’t support 4k gameplay.


If you don’t need extra storage, then Xbox Series X is more than enough for you. Its an excellent gaming console with its fast loading times and excellent frame rates that help you enjoy a smooth gaming experience.


Our Fourth Best Gaming Console

Nintendo Switch

Top Five Best Gaming Consoles 2021

Nintendo Switch is one of the revolutionary gaming consoles that provide the most entertaining gaming experience. It comes with two joy controllers, a gyro sensor, an accelerometer, and a reliable battery with 525 Milli-Ampere-hour that can last for about 20 hours. Moreover, it offers 32GB of internal storage to download games. The major reason for the Nintendo Switch’s popularity comes with all classic and modern games. Everyone can recall the memories of their childhood by playing the games on this Nintendo Switch gaming console.

Nintendo Switch also provides great compatibility and portability, which help to improve your gameplay. Furthermore, it can be used as a home console. You can place the handheld console on the dock and connect it to the TV via an HDMI port to play the large screen. The most interesting part is that Nintendo Switch comes with two joy-cons. So, you can play a game as an individual player, or you can play with your friend or sibling with any joy-cons.

With this, you can enhance the level of your enjoyment during your game. You can play any game on Nintendo Switch due to its huge gaming libraries like adventure games, action games, and puzzle games. Moreover, this gaming console offers you games such as Pokémon, Mario Party, Mario Cart, Super smash brothers, Let’s Go Pikachu, and many more.


  • It comes with a huge variety of modern and classic games.
  • It has a comfortable grip.
  • It provides you with extreme flexibility.


  • It has limited storage capacity.
  • It doesn’t support any app.

Nintendo Switch offers both classic and modern games with high-quality performance. This will be great fun for every kid or adult.


Our Third best Gaming Console

PlayStation 4 Pro

Top Five Best Gaming Consoles 2021

PlayStation 4 Pro provides amazing performance and high-quality images. Additionally, you may access more power on your PlayStation 4 pro by turning on the Boost style. As a result, you can experience improved picture clarity and enhanced frame rates that eventually offer smooth gameplay. This gaming console has an HDMI cable, a controller, a power cable, and a USB cable. In addition, PlayStation 4 provides 1 TB of storage capacity to offer you enough storage to get your favorite games.

It’s also compatible with an HDR TV, offering one to play with vibrant colors on display. Speaking about its features, PlayStation 4 Guru has good compatibility with the additional PS4. It is possible to conveniently invite your friends or challenge them via different gaming choices. Playing with your favorite game with the awesome graphics of PlayStation 4 ace can level up the entertainment of your gaming experience. However, the most fantastic feature offered by this PlayStation 4 Pro is the incredible 4k amusement.

You can stream 4k videos, videos, or TV displays on Netflix and YouTube. Moreover, you can certainly do live streaming through the gameplay with this PlayStation 4 pro. Due to the large storage, you may download, control, and control your favorite games.
You can also add a DVD to start your favorite game on this gaming console. You can play games such as Call of Duty, PUBG, Spyros, Rocket League, and Prince of Persia along with your friends or just by yourself.


  • An attractive slim fit built design.
  • 1080 pixels Blu-ray compatibility.
  • Also provides 4k entertainment.


  • Online games are not freely available.
  • Moreover, it doesn’t support the old version of games.


PlayStation 4 Pro offers professional gamers an opportunity to level up their gaming experience with amazing graphics quality and gameplay compatibility.


Our Second best Gaming Console

Xbox Series X

Top Five Best Gaming Consoles 2021

Xbox Series X looks trendy with its sleek rectangular tower-like built layout. Together with its unique and amazing features, it gives high-quality performance supported by its strong CPU. In addition, it lets you enjoy smooth gameplay thanks to 120 Hertz of calculating the rate.

Moreover, it provides 1 Terabyte of storage capacity using quicker loading times. Because of its improved and powerful CPU, the Xbox collection X gaming experience has turned more fantastic. The games load unbelievably quicker due to the solid-state push, which enriches the multitasking capabilities of the current Xbox One X. You’re able to play the games like Destiney Sea and 2 of Thieves without any input lag. Moreover, this gaming console includes two USB interfaces with a storage expansion slot, HDMI 2.1 port, plus an Ethernet port.

With Xbox, then you also get a controller that has AA batteries. But besides that, there is also the D-pad, textured grips, a share button, and a USB-C interface. It’s possible to talk about the gambling clips or screenshots with your friends using the Xbox controller’s share button. The easy gaming experience with the X series is all because of the Solid-state drive, CPU, and 12 teraflops of the Graphics processing device. Most importantly, higher frame rates are focused on Xbox collection X to give outstanding gameplay.

Finally, it is possible to play many games from four generations of Xbox because of the backward compatibility. Thus, you can perform with the most exciting games: Gears 5 and Dirt 5 on the X show with your buddies or family.


  • Smooth gameplay with 120 hertz.
  • Powerful Central processing unit.
  • Massive storage capacity of 1 Terabyte.


  • Non-removable stands.
  • Expandable storage is costly.


Xbox Series X is best for people who want to play heavy games with fast loading times to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.


 Our Top Gaming Console

The PlayStation 5

Top Five Best Gaming Consoles 2021

PlayStation 5 is considered the ideal gaming console due to the impressive specifications and attributes. It has an 8x Zen two cores high-speed chip with 3.5 GHz of the rate that offers smooth multitasking capacity. The gaming console could be displayed vertically or horizontally using a circular stand. Furthermore, you can use 667.2 GB of storage capacity while the remainder of the internal storage is allowed for the system software. For connectivity, this best gaming console comes with three USB-A ports, an Ethernet interface, an HDMI interface, and a USB-C port. The most interesting thing which PlayStation 5 provides is its incredible Dual Sense controller. The controller’s layout is rather cool and feels quite comfortable in your mind. It supplies 6-7 hours of playtime, and you can charge it via a USB-C cable once it runs out of battery. Additionally, with PlayStation 5, you can find a deeper and more enjoyable gaming experience due to its faster loading and 3D audio tech support.


  • An incredible Dual Sense Controller.
  • Loads quickly to provide a Smooth Gaming Experience.
  • Perfect for professional gamers.


  • The size is quite large & bulky.
  • No Quick resume feature.


PlayStation 5 is still the best for professional gamers who want to experience smooth gameplay with adaptive triggers by the amazing dual sense controller despite these minor setbacks.

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