Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

I took the plunge this week and switched to an iPhone 6 plus from my Samsung Note 3. The number one concern I had was how to transfer hundreds and hundreds of contacts from my Android to iPhone. The simplest and easiest way I found to do this was using Google. Google backs up contacts to a Gmail account, and luckily apple supports syncing Google contacts to iDevices. Read the steps below and transfer contacts without any stress, and I promise no manual entry!


  1. Make sure all contacts on your Android device is backed up to a Google account.
    1. To make sure contacts are saved with a Google account, go into Contacts on your Android device, you should see a blue "g" icon next to each contact.
  2. On your iDevice go to Settings à Mail, Contacts, Calendars à Add Account à Google and simply sign into your Gmail account. While setting up this account you will have the options to sync Mail, Calendars, Reminders, Notes, Contacts etc. Make sure you turn on Contacts.
  3. Go into contacts on your iDevice, and they will all be there.

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