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iPhone Storage Annoying Error No Moe ! Use This 5 Hacks

I recently switched phones from a 32gb Samsung Note to a 16gb iPhone 6 Plus, and yes I took a huge plunge in storage. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking, but here are 5 iPhone storage hacks that will change your life!

Iphone Storage Error

(1) Delete apps you don't use

We all have games and applications that we download because we're board or someone tells us it's a must have! But if you're downloading apps and games and getting bored after five minutes, make sure they're not still clogging up your phone's storage.

(2) Find out which apps are hogging the most space

Yes, Yes, and Yes, you can see which apps take up the most space in your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Usage, and then click Manage Storage. Here you can see which ones are using the most space.

(3) Delete those zillions of texts

Let's be real, we all horde text messages on our phonesIn iOS 8, you can change your settings to automatically delete read texts after a month (instead of the auto setting 'forever'). This will help prevent storage issues in the future.

(4) Stop saving your Instagrams automatically

I will admit that I am a culprit for automatically saving pictures I post on Instagram. Who doesn't love those awesome filters? Honestly, it's not needed and wastes tons of sp,ace so go into your settings and make sure you switch the 'Save Original Photo' toggle to off.

(5) Backup your photos and documents

Whether you upload content directly onto your laptop with a USB or Bluetooth r use an app like Dropbox to store it online, getting your photos, videos, and documents OFF your phone is the fastest way to free up your storage.

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