Windows Phone Tips

These tips will help make your Windows Phone 8.1 productive and connected!

Windows Phone Tips ifix screens

  • Swipe to see all your apps
    • Swipe from the start to see your entire app list. You can tap any letter to see the full alphabet, you can also select a letter to jump to it. You also have the option to search to go straight to the app you're looking for.
  • Back up
    • Save all your files to the cloud. You can back up your settings, texts, photos and your app list.
    • Go to Settings > Backup to turn this feature on.
  • Curb data
    • While in the app list, go to Data Sence; this will allow you to manage your phones data usage. (Note: not all carriers offer Data Sense)
  • Screen Rotation Lock
    • This by far is the simplest and best feature in any smartphone. This feature is best when your laying in bed and reading. To enable this feature go to Settings > Screen rotation.
  • Restart your phone
    • At times our smart devices will fail on us, this simple tip can help solve a lot of our problems. A few times a week just make sure to restart your device to avoid lags and freeze ups.

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