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Tips From iFixScreens To Protect Your Cell Phone Screen

Broke Screen = Broken Heart .. Don’t you agree?!
Smartphone screens are always prone to damage and we also had or inevitably will face the situation of a damaged phone screen.

In such situations you should  get a professional repair expert to help you so find your nearest iFixScreens and get the help you need.

But better safe than sorry so we offer you some tips on how to avoid screen damage.

Let’s get started.

Plastic Screen Protectors Vs Tempered Glass Screen Protector Which Is Better?

Screen Protector

Many of us have used plastic screen protectors. They can protect the screen from scratches but they are not very effective in many situations. That’s why another type of protectors came to our rescue.

Tempered glass screen protectors are popular today. It uses an extra glass layer instead of plastic. Consequently, if your phone falls to the ground, there is no need to worry about your original screen. The extra glass layer (screen protector) would take the shock. If it was a strong one that’s of course, way cheaper than having your original screen broken.

Another advantage of tempered glass screen protectors is that they are not annoying. While using high-quality types, you may not even notice the difference. You can normally control your phone and your device responds to touch as usual. They don’t make your phone harder to use as you might expect. Furthermore, we all had hard times installing plastic screen protectors on our screens. Now, it is easier with most glass protectors.

Tempered Glass Drawbacks

Glass Protector Tampered Glass


On the other hand, there are some drawbacks associated with tempered glass. One of them is directly related with curved design smartphones where the screen protector cannot protect fullscreen. Mostly, edges are still vulnerable, however some more expensive glass screen protectors address this issue.

Another disadvantage is thickness. Obviously, they are at least triple as thick as traditional plastic screen protectors. This is greatly noticeable when installing them to phones like iPhone where you would feel pressing the home button is a little different. Of course that doesn’t apply to most cases.

In conclusion it is certainly good to have one of these tempered glass screen protectors. They support your screen maintaining almost the same level of accessibility to your phone.

Of course, we at iFixscreens will always be there for your phone screen.

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