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3 ways to save on iPhone repair cost in 2021

Looking for ways to save on your iPhone repair cost? Here is a solution for you

Everyone likes saving money. We get an emotional high when we get to know about a good deal. At iFixScreens, we bring you the best repairing deals for your broken iPhone's and other gadgets round the year! (Gaming consoles, Computer repair, iPads, iPods, etc.)


A report states that each year over 50 million phone screens break in America. No matter what the reason is, it is inevitable for your phone to run into a hardware issue. It isn’t an automatic death sentence of your gadget. Likely, you aren’t familiar with what to do and you end up replacing your gadget instead.

We suggest before buying a new phone get your phone diagnosed for free with us. Get the right opinion. Is it really worth to switch to a new iPhone or should you repair your existing iPhone. At iFixScreens we believe in a hassle-free repair process. Our repair just starts from $79.99 only.

Read along to find out how and why to save on your damaged gadget?

3 ways to save on iPhone repair cost in 2021

Get Up to 10% to 30% OFF at your nearest iFixScreens Store 

Are you still waiting for a perfect sale? iFixScreens brings you a special offers/deals round the year. This is a perfect chance to snag that brand new smartphone you have been saving for. This year in 2021, we can help you bring unbeatable savings for multiple device and iPhone repairs. We couldn’t be more excited or thrilled to reveal a few of our upcoming deals in the following calendar days

  • New Year’s Day – 1st January
  • Labour Day – 6th September
  • Thanksgiving – 25th November
  • Christmas Day – 25th December

And we think you’ll be just as thrilled.

iFixScreens  also brings its special offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday which means saving up to 75%. Moreover, the major discounts are on cutting-edge phones and from all the brands that our customers love. Ready to save more? Here are few deals that are available and will last 365 days –

  • iPhone 7 – Repairs just starting from just $79.99.
  • iPhone 8 – Save up to 20% on your repairs.
  • iPhone XR, iPhone XS – Buy refurbished/ new phones starting from just $599
  • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone Pro Max – Perfect savings for iPhone buyers, save up to $50 on your first purchase.
  • iPhone 12, iPhone Pro, iPhone Pro Max – Buy a new range of iPhone starting from $999.
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 – Pick up your solid deal at our store. Visit the nearest iFixscreens store NOW to save on repairing deals.

iFixscreens Saving Perks

When you choose iFixScreens, you are talking to the best phone repairing experts in town, best saving deals. Check out our wide range of phone repairing services.

Apart from this iFixScreens also brings 365 days bulk discounts for

  • Students & Frontline Workers– We offer exclusive discounts for students and all frontline workers like healthcare workers, fire fighters, military officers and federal officers. Just show us your ID and save at least 10% on iPhone repair cost along with and 20% off on accessories.
  • Free Diagnostics & Estimates – Hassle-free repair and free diagnostics.
  • No Monthly Fee – We are at your service on-demand. Enroll in our exclusive discount program without paying any fee.
  • Quick Quality Care – Most of our repairs are done the same day and we work quickly to fix the issue and get connected back in.
  • Location – We have stores across multiple locations across New York, Georgia, and Florida.
  • Bulk Discounts – We give bulk discounts on broken iPhone, Tablets, Computers, and many more.

Here are a few steps that might benefit you to save and phone repairing services.

Reasons why Repairing is better than Replacing with a new phone

Repair > Replace

1. Cost Efficiency

Repairing your iPhone is more affordable when compared to buying a new phone outright. iPhone repair cost can start from anywhere between $79 - $130 when compared to new iPhone that range between $350 - $1100. If you are thinking to save money and extend the life of your electronic devices, then you should consider the repair option. This will also extend your iPhone's life. Also, before buying a new phone you should consider if this is truly an upgrade for an extra bit of features.

2. Peace of Mind

iFixscreens is one of the phone repairing companies which offer 180 days of repairing warranty against any manufacturing defect. The warranty and protection make you worry less about your damaged iPhones. It is usually the case where other service providers ensure and may not bother later on and you may end up losing your money.

3. Repairs Save Time

This might be a little surprising for you but repairing is not just cost-effective but also saves time. Wondering how? There have been occasions where the repairing takes shorter duration than the set-up time and with iFixscreens we guarantee our 99.99% of our repairs to be done the same day. We also guarantee to save your data. Buy a new phone can be a hassle where finding the right choice might take longer than you think. If you have a time crunch and cannot stay away from your phone, then getting the device repaired is the right choice for you.

Get an Expert for your Device Repair Today!

The aforementioned reasons are why you should consider phone repair services instead of buying a new device. With the help of a top phone repairing experts in town, it’ll be unlikely for you to get your smartphone replaced.

Did the guide help you? If yes, we encourage you to read our other blog posts where we try and tip you to optimize and improve your device life.

Please Note: if your iPhone is under warranty please get in touch with apple care directly.

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